How Alex Cora and the Red Sox decide to reunite – The Athletic

When the interview process began, Alex Cora was not considered an internal favorite to return as the Red Sox manager. In fact, many people in the organization fully expected that they would get the job.

The Red Sox knew Cora, they liked Cora, and many of their top decision makers wanted her back, but the final say — then was in the hands of Chief Baseball Officer Chame Bloom, and little certain that he would ever come around Same conclusion. When preliminary interviews revealed an impressive group of eight other candidates – a much stronger candidate pool than when Cora was initially hired in 2017 – the prospect of a reunion seemed even less likely.

According to team sources, however, the recruitment process began in the last week as Bloom and Cora talked several times, both on the phone and face to face. Bloom asked tough questions and openly discussed Cora’s strengths and weaknesses. Cora addressed her role in the Houston sign-theft scandal and spoke …


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