How a mental institution played a role in the film ‘ELF’

Many scenes in Elf Brilliantly showcases the magic of Christmas in New York City. Several exterior shots of the journey through Manhattan were filmed with Will Ferrell. But the filmmakers tapped into their creative side to film the interior scenes, many of which were filmed in a mental institution.

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Parts of EL ELF were filmed in a mental institution

Filming the inner scene proved to be a challenge for the film. Internal firing was carried out in Canada to save money. Interestingly, he shot a lot of the interior in an old building that was once used as a mental institution.

The producers of the film told how they used the building to their advantage in Netflix Holiday Movies That Made Us. Despite the dark and gloomy interior of the building, it turned out to be a versatile location.

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“We had to oppose this mental institution and it worked very well for the police station [scenes of the film], “Explains set designer Rusty Smith.” It’s one of the rarest places I’ve ever lived in my life. “

Other scenes shot at the mental institution include the orphanage where Buddy lived as a child, the Greenway Press where Buddy’s father works, and the Hobbs apartment where Buddy eventually lived temporarily with his father’s family.

‘ELF’ is one of the highest grossing Christmas films and one of the most popular

For filmmakers Elf Were creative when it came to shooting and with good reason. New Line Cinema gave creators a budget of $ 30 million to produce the film, including payment for filming on location.

In addition to the use of the mental institution, there are also live shots on location in New York City at Christmas time to capture the essence of New York.

To save money within the budget, the shots were shot on the fly. The scenes of Buddy walking into New York and interacting with street salesmen were surreal. In such scenes no one, except Budgie, was a member.

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The filmmakers were given free rein during the filming process, under the assumption that the film would probably be a flop. The studio was wrong about the success though Elf. The film was released in November 2003, grossing $ 175 million in the US and Canada and $ 47 million internationally. Altogether, Elf Grossed $ 222 million worldwide.

Lashing out at critics and fans ELF. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a positive rating of 79% of its audience, and 84% of critics rate the film positively.

The film’s cast also spoke about the experience, including Faizan Love, who refers to the film as the most cherished in his career due to the love of fans. Love spoke highly of the director, telling Vlad TV in a recent interview [success of the film] Was due to John Favreau. He also wrote Couples Retreat for me, “Love also said,” the guy who produced ELF stars as a child Christmas story… that was my team. “

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