How a mask can help protect you as well as your privacy

Facial recognition techniques give rise to ethical dilemmas and privacy concerns. Is it okay that our phones, computers and Social media apps not only recognize us, but Collect and store data about our facesThe As technology becomes more accurate, more government agencies, private businesses, and these concerns grow advertising agencies use it To track us.

However, it turns out that these sophisticated facial recognition algorithms can be thwarted by wearing a simple mask. Yes, the same device Helps prevent the spread of deadly diseases You can also hide your identity in half-Monitoring status In which Now we live.

according to this A recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), wearing a mask increases the “top” [facial recognition] The algorithm has a failure rate of about 5%, while many otherwise capable algorithms fail between 20% and 50% of the time. The effect depends on the color of the mask and how much of your face is covered; Based on the results of NIST, black masks covering your nose and entire mouth were the most effective at confusing the software.

NIST specifically tested “one-to-one” matching, where a face is compared to a single photo (such as a passport or driver’s license). The software measures the distance between different facial features to find a match. As it turns out, it is difficult for software to make those measurements if a mask obscures half of your face.

One-to-one is more accurate than the “one-to-many” method, where software Scans crowds It then cross-references the faces with a database of facial feature information. It would not be external to assume that the mask can reliably break more than one algorithm compared to one-to-one algorithms.

Technology will continue to evolve and we can reach the point where masks no longer confuse facial recognition software. NIST plans to test new algorithms created later this year to identify faces with masks. If successful, we should try to see that Tom Cruise uses eyeball tricks Minority Report.

For now, though, wearing a mask will keep you safe – whether it’s from epidemic-level viral outbreaks or Skynet’s eyes.


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