A look behind the scenes at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai. (November 27)

On Tuesday night, millions of spectators saw Angel fall.

He spent almost half of the Victoria's Secret fashion show on CBS, when Angel (aka supermodel) Ming Xi stumbled upon the sheer and embellished white cape that was part of a set that included silver underwear and a floral headdress

Xi's fall and lauded recovery easily became the most memorable moment in the annual fashion event that combines beautiful women and flashy underwear with pop stars.

It's not about how to fall, but how we get up. #VSFashionShow

– CBS (@CBS) November 29, 2017

This year's show was held in Shanghai, and had memorable performances of Harry Styles and a final walk on the track of the famous Angel Alessandra Ambrosia. But Xi's misstep will be one of the best things that people remember from the one-hour special.

This is how it happened.

Hamilton Star Leslie Odom Jr. was singing a version of Sara about Tear Jerry. Bareilles & # 39; Winter Song when the excited Xi told the cameras about the Shanghai set show, "It's my hometown," he said. "My family is there."

Then, Xi began to walk the stage like the other models, and the high-heeled corkers went well, until Xi's cape slid under one of his sandals. The 28-year-old lost her foot and fell forward.

Miraculously, Xi smiled sweetly throughout the entire test, even as he adjusted his branch headdress and stood up again. Companion Angel Gizele Oliveira, who walked right behind Xi, offered her her hand and her applause.

The audio "Ming has fallen … oh my God" was played during the broadcast, apparently from microphones of people behind the scenes. "Gizele has it," said a disembodied voice.

Xi finished his lap on stage with LED lighting with dry eyes, before shouting silently behind the stage.

"The best of them happens, sometimes we fall, we go back up," Odom told the cameras after his performance became the soundtrack of Xi's fall. "Fall seven times, get up eight."

I love how Ming Xi shows how to hold on and have a difficult time. Great to share the stage with you at #VSFashionShow .

– Leslie Odom, Jr. (@leslieodomjr) November 29, 2017

That feeling was echoed in social networks after the remarkable walk through the Xi's catwalk, with some of it now 950k Instagram followers say "Everyone falls sometimes, even the angels", as it says @ christina.carlson, and "Keep going (girlfriend)", as @ lizbeth197 wrote.

After filming the special last week, Xi shared a message to his followers about that incident that each model fears: "It was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments I've had to go through in my career, especially since the The show was taking place in my hometown, in front of my mother and the eyes of my people. However, the support I received from everyone yesterday was incredible and I am really grateful to everyone who was there for me … I will get up from where I fell, and I will continue to be able to pay all the support that you all have given me! "

All this raises a question: in a program that is highly edited, why keep Xi's error in the transmission?

Well, so that VS and CBS can send positive messages tweets of messages like this: "Angels always come back to @mengyaoxi for their grace and determination!"

Angels are always encouraged again @mengyaoxi for their grace and determination. #VSFashionShow ?

– Victoria & # 39; s Secret (@VictoriasSecret) November 29, 2017


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