Houston Texas hopes to seek second interview with Bills’ Leslie Frazier, chiefs Eric Bynemi, sources say

The Houston Texans are expected to request a second interview after Sunday’s AFC Championship game with Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and Kansas City head offensive coordinator Eric Binemi.

Sources said both candidates believe they have a legitimate chance to head to Texas’ head-coaching job and have started gathering coaching staff.

Frazier is said to have had a strong interview with Texas and has prior head-coaching experience with the Minnesota Vikings. Benemi is seen in many circles as a head coach at Waiting, although he has been passed by several teams recently.

As Houston’s head-coaching search picks up, Sunday’s game may lead to the losers searching for the winning coordinator Texas, as they will have to wait to hire him. Texas could act quickly with the coordinator of the losing team.

This scenario played an important role in Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers working on Bill of Offensive coordinator Brian Toll last weekend. Once Stale’s Rams were out of the playoffs, the Chargers were unwilling to wait for Daboll and Staley was hired.

Other candidates Texas has interviewed include quarterback Josh McConn, former Lions and Colts coach Jim Caldwell, Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberfluss, and Ravens assistant head coach David Cooley.


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