Houston Texas coach David Cooley worked with the changing culture, but would he have Deshaun Watson?

HOUSTON – Before all the trade talks, reports about his future and hiring new coach David Cully, Houston Texas quarterback Dehat Watson, were asked what he was looking for for his next head coach.

“I mean we need a whole culture change right now,” Watson said. “We just need new energy. We need discipline, we need structure, we need a leader so that we as a player can follow that leader. What we need. All we need is a game of football. Love is not found, because that is what we do, but love for people and people in this organization. “

“… we need someone who stands tall and [says] This is what we are following and that is the way it is… and we are going to win it this way. “

Of course, Watson may not be with the Texans to play for Coolie, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on Sunday that the quarterback is still expected to stay out of Houston, regardless of who the team hires. Watson was not the only person who felt that culture change was needed.

By hiring Culley, the Texas hopes they will meet the man to build the foundation that Watson sought.

But, for most Texas fans, Coolie’s name is not familiar. So who is he and why did Texas CEO Cal McNair and general manager Nick Cassario choose him to be the next head coach of the franchise?

Who is David Kully?

Coolie, 65, has spent the past three seasons in Baltimore as the Ravens’ assistant head coach, sports coordinator and wide receiver coach. He finished his 27th season as an NFL coach after 16 seasons in various college coaching roles. He would be the oldest coach in NFL history at the time of his head-coaching debut.

Culley has never been an offensive coordinator at the NFL level, but he has been an assistant head coach for the Kansas City heads prior to his tenure in Baltimore. The Ravens had a first offense in 2020, as they led the NFL in ropes yards and finished last in passing yards.

What does he bring to Houston?

The Texans were serious about fixing the culture within the organization, and they believe that Coolie is the person.

After doing a second interview with the Texans – this time individually – the team was impressed by Culley’s energy and believes that he has the NFL experience to deliver that cultural change within the building, even if he had previously Could not have been a coordinator

“I will talk about a wonderful teacher and communicator more than doing anything about Coach Coolie,” Rawson coach John Harbag said in 2019. , The communicator that I have watched football one by one, not only because he coaches it so well, but because he is very tireless and he coaches important things. “

“You can be relentless, but if you’re coaching things that don’t matter, it’s just a lot of hot air. He’s coaching those things, and you see that people get to see their status groups every day Are getting better within. “

McNair knew he wanted to hire as general manager to take an edge on the coaching search. He is Cassario, who said the attribute he was looking for the most in the head coach was his ability to “lead people”.

“Because in the end, football is a game but it’s about the people, isn’t it?” Casario said. “You have to invest in people. You have to be able to lead people. … These are some things that will be important relative to whether or not they are a good playlist on the respective side of the ball. But whoever it is, He will be able to field rough. “

“… I would say in my position relative to Deshuman Governance that he is trying to do something that is sustainable for him, which allows him and the rest of the team and organization to go out there and demonstrate their maximum potential Could. On a week-by-week basis. That’s the goal. “

What does this mean for Deshon Watson?

This is perhaps the most important question that only Watson can answer. If Watson still wants to know who the Texans hired, as Mortensen pointed out, then hiring Chief Offensive Coordinator Eric Bynemi doesn’t matter.

Now that the Texans have hired their new coach, the question is whether Watson will be here to watch the sought-after culture innings in Houston. The quarterback has not requested a trade, but may decide to do so once the rent is officially announced.

While the Texans may agree on terms of trade with another team before the start of the new league year on March 17, a trade cannot be executed until then. The NFL has a major deadline to pay attention before the draft in April, because if traded to Tex Watson, they would like to make sure they are getting 2021 draft capital, when the pick slots are closed.

What’s next in Houston?

Watson tallied his young career best in 2020 and the team won only four games. Houston’s defense struggled all season, finishing 30th in the Football Outsiders’ DVOA. Of course, there are still plenty of holes on a defense that struggled primarily because it lacked young inter-makers, so whoever works as their defensive coordinator, Kuleli works forwards.

Regardless of whether the Texans trade Watson, they remain on the roster. The Texans’ first pick in this draft is No. 67, so they won’t be able to add Impact Talent at a team-friendly price, and are currently $ 18 million over the projected 2021 salary cap (although it matters less than the cash. Are already committed, which gives them some flexibility).

If Houston trades Watson, they will be able to plug in pieces on defense and upgrade that side of the ball, but then the quarterback will remain in question.


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