Houston Chronicle calls on Cruz to resign

The editorial board of the Houston Chronicle is calling Sen. Ted cruiseCruz, says Rafael (Ted) Edward Cruzbidden, is the other Republican responsible for the ‘big lie’ that winds up the Capitol crowd, calling many Democratic senators for Cruz and Hawley, the third-ranked Senate Democrat call on Howell Resigns to, Cruz must resign after attacking the Capitol. (R-Texas) to resign after helping Congress attempt to challenge the 2020 election results.

The Chronicle, which has been a vocal critic of Cruise for years, wrote in an opinion on Friday The senator’s action helped fuel Wednesday’s deadly pro-Trump crowd at the Capitol.

Texas Senator “Knew what he was doing, what he was doing and who he was instigating, as he stood on the Senate floor on Wednesday and dispelled the spirit of electoral fraud as a crowd of zealous people. President TrumpDonald Trump McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, suggests Twitter to build its own platform after the ban Poll: 18 percent of Republicans support Capitol riots A short distance away, ”the editorial board wrote.

The editorial board said it called “Cruise’s cynic gambling” heightened his concern for the integrity of our elections, arguing that the senators who voted to authenticate Biden’s victory were millions of Americans. To ‘jump’. Lake ‘and that their worries don’t matter. “

The editorial board addressed Cruz directly, arguing that “they wouldn’t be in the terrorist capitol if you didn’t first stage this absurd challenge to the 2020 results.”

Cruz defended his move to certify the Electoral College Count in an interview on Friday, stating that he wanted to investigate allegations of fraud to “reestablish widespread trust in the system.”

“What happened in the Capitol was a despicable act of terrorism,” Crust said in an interview with the Hurtst newspaper. “Violent criminals attacking the Capitol should be fully prosecuted and jailed for a long, long time.”

The senator also said that President Trump’s rhetoric “certainly contributed to the violence” when a pro-Trump mob created a ruckus at the Capitol complex, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The rioters swarmed the Capitol as soon as Congress met to authenticate the presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenas judge blocked Trump administration restrictions on asylum eligibility McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial Trump saves top official, then says to reissue resignation letter for departureWin of. Ahead of the vote, several GOP lawmakers had indicated their support to challenge the legitimacy of some Biden voters, and ahead of the riots, Trump repeated his unsubstantiated claims of a “stolen” election as he asked his supporters at the rally towards the Capitol Urged to march.

Cruz and fellow GOP Sen. Josh HolleyJoshua (Josh) David Holibedan says that Cruz, responsible for the other Republican ‘big lies’ that wind up the Capitol crowd, calls for several Democratic senators for Cruz and Hawley to resign as Democratic leaders, leader of the Capitol Offer condolences after the death of a police officer. (Mo.) criticized fellow lawmakers for challenging him to vote, as many Democrats asked him to resign. Hawley and Cruz voted in favor of voting on Wednesday, objecting to the Electoral College votes, with even some fellow Republicans backing out of the effort after the riots.

This week, Kansas City Star Editorial Board It also killed Hawley, arguing that the senator “The actions of the previous week had such an effect that it deserved to receive an impressive portion of the blood defect that has been shed.”

Five people died amid Wednesday’s chaos, including a woman shot by a Capitol police officer and an officer who died from injuries sustained during the riot. Both deaths are being investigated.

Multiple Democratic Senators Cruise and Hawley are asked to take down including Sense. Ron widenRonald (Ron) Lee Widenbaden says Cruise, the other Republican responsible for the ‘big lies’ that control the Capitol crowd, led many Democratic senators to call for Cruz and Hawley to resign from the COVID-19 relief bill Granted: A promising first act for immigration reform (Ore.), Patty MurrayPatricia (Patty) Lynn Marebidan says that Cruz, other Republicans, is responsible for the ‘big lie’ that fuels the Capitol crowd. Many Democratic senators make calls for Cruz and Hawley for the third-place Senate Democrat call for Hawley Calls, Cruz to resign after the attack on the Capitol. (Wash.) More Chris constChris Andrew CoonsMultiple Democratic senators call for Cruz and Hawley to resign Hill’s Morning Report – Trump finally accepted; 25th Amendment pressure increases how Congress rejects women empowerment (Del.).

“We’re done with the drama. Done with opportunism. With that creepy plan that now cost American life, “the Houston Chronicle editorial continued,” resignation, Mr. Cruz, and Texas deliver you from the shame of calling our Senator. “


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