Houston-boiler football game postponed due to COVID-19

The Houston-Baylor football game is scheduled for Saturday in Waco, Texas, as Baylor has postponed the Big 12 conference after not meeting to play the COVID-19 threshold.

According to one source, a position group from Baylor did not meet the threshold for the competition.

The schools have agreed to honor their home and home agreement and to monitor future scheduling opportunities.

“The loss of the sport is a devastating blow, but in the interest of the health and safety of our student-athletes, we believe we made the necessary decisions,” Baylor Athletic Director Mac B. Rhodes said in a statement.

“We are frustrated by the continued delay in the start of our season and sympathize with our student-athletes, fans, coaches and administrative staff. We are grateful to the athletic director Chris Peiman and Chancellor of the University of Houston for their support and understanding. [Renu] Khator. We look forward to future home and home matchups. ‘

Schools worked early to schedule games last week following their postponements. Houston was scheduled to face Memphis on Friday night, but an increase in positive coronavirus tests in Memphis forced the postponement. Baylor’s original season opener against Louisiana Tech, Septon 12, was postponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak at Louisiana Tech.

Under first-year coach Dave Aranda, Bayrel must now prepare for a fourth potential season-opening opponent, as he was initially scheduled to face Ole Miss before moving to the SEC Conference-only schedule. The Beers are set to host Kansas on September 26, and Houston is scheduled to host North Texas on the same day.

“We are hurt by this postponement,” Aranda said. “While we looked forward to playing football this fall, all of us have made a commitment to do just that with the highest level of safety and care for our student-athletes. We are disappointed for our team, staff and our fans , But look forward with renewed hope to renew this rivalry in the future. ”