Southern California officials warn of unprecedented dangerous winds on Thursday, with gusts possibly reaching 80 mph. The region is grappling with several massive wildfires that have about 200,000 under evacuation orders. (December 7th)

LOS ANGELES – Two new wildfires broke out in southern California on Thursday, destroying 21 structures so far between them and threatening hundreds more, posing another obstacle for overstretched firefighting teams.

New assessment of the damage caused by the increased fires burning in Ventura County, the number of fires since Monday is 479 structures, which compares it with some of the worst fires but is far from those More than 5,000 buildings destroyed by fire in northern California in October.

At least one house on the top of the hill burned Thursday afternoon after a fire broke out near large areas of housing near the town of Murrieta in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles. Television images showed that several planes were making drops of water in an effort to stop the flames. It's called the Liberty Fire.

At the same time, the San Diego County Fire Authority reported that 20 structures had burned in a fire near the community of Bonsall in the interior of San Diego County, about 100 miles south of Los Angeles. Lila's fire, as it was called, was not far from large expanses of expensive houses.

Both flames were driven by a new round of strong winds that rose. The fires represented new fronts in a series of forest fires that had been burning mainly in Los Angeles and in the north. That means they need new legions of firefighters to try to keep them under control.

Of the fires that had already been burning, the largest and most active was the Thomas fire that burned more than 150 structures earlier this week, marching along the coast north of the city of Ventura. Destroyed the equipment in a storage yard.

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