House votes to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol

The House on Wednesday approved in the Legislative Assembly the removal of statues in the capitol of those who served the Confederation or otherwise worked to defend slavery, demonstrations for racial justice across the country scattered a moment .

The legislation was approved in a vote 305–113. All “no” votes came from GOP lawmakers, while 72 Republicans voted to remove the statues.

“Imagine what it feels like as an African American to know that my ancestors built the Capitol, but yet there are memorials to people who enslaved my ancestors,” Rep. Karen BassKaren Ruth BassAfrica is on the 2020 political agenda – now count it CBC’s chair: Lewis was a ‘quiet man’, but ‘rock solid’ Pence symbolizes John Lewis’ death: ‘His example ever inspires’ MORE (D-California.), The leader of the Congress Black Caucus said ahead of the vote.

He also noted the fact that the law was being approved less than a week after the rape death. John lewisJohn Lewis John Lewis Donald Trump’s great legacy that may have been started by George Wallace, House Democrats drafted a ‘comprehensive’ voting rights bill to honor Lewis More. (D-Ga.), A civil rights legend who was spoken to in Washington in March 1963 and another aide of the state police suffered a skull fracture in Selma, Ala.

“I think it’s so fitting that we do the same in Mr. Lewis’s honor. The main honor, for me, Mr. Lewis, is to get the Signature of Voting Rights Act done. But it’s a way to honor his legacy Is also because the struggle they fought every day is completely opposite to these symbols.

The vote was bipartisan, but it divided Republicans, with more than half of the vote against the legislation. GOP leaders had previously expressed reluctance to overturn the decisions of states that had statues on display in the Capitol. Two top House Republicans, minority leaders Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthy Hillican Valley: DOJ Accuses Chinese Hackers Targeting COVID-19 Research House Votes to Ban Ticcott on Government Devices McCarthy Offers Foreign Hackers COVID-19 Research on Cheney Targeting Trump Jr. Introduced legislation to: ‘We already have one Mitt Romney, we don’t need another’ (California.) And Minority Whip Steve ScaliseStephen (Steve) Joseph Scalisseripublicans says the Biden Energy Plan will help the GOP in the Grip Belt states. GOP Lawyer: Don’t Believe Trump Is Showing Trump Behind Biden 4. Texas GOP Congress to see primary runoff MORE (La.), Supported the bill while raping. Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn Chenibolton defends Cheney against Cheney amidst a clash in the House with Cheney: ‘We already have one Mitt Romney, we don’t need another’ Getz says to remove Cheney Should go or step down as GOP leader. (Wyo.), No. 3-Rank House Republican, Voting no.

Black lawmakers have long called for the removal of Confederate imagery from the Capitol and Wednesday’s vote was a victory for their efforts.

Some said that the vote to remove Confederate statues should be seen as an initial step toward a better country for all Americans.

“The division that exists today should be improved not only on this destination, but also in this country. And if we can stand together in this instance, then we can definitely stand together and make this country, one time a civil unrest, a better place for every American, “Rape he said. Rodney DavisRodney Lee Davisdancing With No Rhythm: Republican Candidate Meets Elaine on Seinfeld, Hill’s Coronovirus Report: Fauci says focus should be on preventing reunification rather than focusing on shutdown; The Director of WHO prays for international unity in response to the epidemic. State and local officials requested Congress to send more election funds ahead of November (Ill.), The top Republican on the House Administration Committee who noted that he represents Abraham Lincoln’s home district.

The Legislative Order orders the removal of 11 Confederate statues on display in the Capitol complex that are part of the National State Hall Hall collection. Most of the Confederate statues, which were contributed to the collection by the southern states, have been displayed since the Jim Crow era in the early 20th century.

Under the current rules of collection, each state contributes two statues and can only replace them if the state legislature and the governor agree to it. The bill, passed on Wednesday, would require the removal of any unrated statues from public display and either be donated to the Smithsonian or returned to the states that contributed them to the National State Hall Hall collection.

The legislation would replace former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, who declared the Dred Scott ruling of 1857 to declare that Black people do not have the rights of citizens, including Thirdwood Marshall, the first African American court judge. .

In addition, the bill directs the Joint Committee on the Library, which oversees the appointment of artwork at the Capitol, to remove specific depictions of other figures, along with historians advocating white supremacy: Charles Aikock, who has worked in North Carolina. Served the governor; John C. Calhoun, former vice president and member of Congress; James Paul Clarke, a former senator and governor of Arkansas; And a former vice president and senator from Kentucky, John Breckridge, who was expelled from the Senate after joining the Confederate army.

The tanny bust is currently on display in the old chamber of the Supreme Court on the Senate side of the Capitol. And it has been controversial ever since a senator from Illinois proposed to display it there in 1865. Abolitionist Sen. Charles Charles (Mass) at the time said that “Tanne is to be named at the bottom of the history page.” The decision is just beginning; And a liberated country will hold the stigma it deserves. ”

While MPs currently lack authority to remove the statues, they can decide where to display them in the Capitol. During his first term as president, Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosipelosi calls coronavirus a ‘Trump virus’ Democrats stop GOP on coronovirus relief: where’s your bill? McConnell indicates that he will unveil the GOP coronavirus virus this week (D-California.) From a prime location in the Capitol Rotunda, to a room downstairs in a room known as the crypt, the Confederate Army Commander, Robert E. Lee took a statue from Virginia.

Pelosi has since taken further action, ridding the Capitol of artwork honoring those who served the Confederation. Last month, it ordered the removal of four portraits displayed outside the chamber of the home of former speakers who held high-ranking leadership positions in the Confederacy or admitted to their military.

Demand to draw contrast with Democrats President TrumpPelosi called the coronavirus the ‘Trump virus’ after more than a dozen people were injured during a shooting at Donald John Trumpmore’s funeral home in Chicago, Cleveland Indians players teamed up with the team’s leadership to discuss a possible name change., Who has defended Confederate imagery and threatened to veto a defense policy bill on a bipartisan provision requiring the removal of Confederate officers’ names from military bases.

The House Majority Leader said, “Today, the House is taking a long and historic step to ensure that the individuals we honor in our Capitol represent the highest ideals of our country, not the worst.” . ” Stenny HoyerStannie Hamilton Hoyerhaus Democrats want the next coronovirus relief bill by July 31 to give Democratic leaders a ‘comprehensive’ voting rights bill to honor Lewis Democratic leaders. GOP jurist calls GOP jurist to apologize in the House against Occasio-Cortez More. (D-Md.) Ahead of the vote.

Most GOP lawmakers voted “no” on Wednesday, arguing that removing the Confederate statues could lead to a slippery slope. The GOP refused to take action to oust Kalpana in 2017, when he included a majority in 2017 after the violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

“If we remove the monument to every person in this building who ever made a bad decision,” the representative said. Tom mclintockThomas (Tom) Miller McLintkok makes changes toward Democrats in 20 House districts, Democrats begin to crack down on masks for MPs. Hoyer says Democratic leaders need masks on the House floor (R-California.), “Well, it would be a very barren place indeed.”

Some statues targeted by legislation are already in the process of being removed. Arkansas plans to replace its sculptures of Clarke and Urea Milton Rose, a lawyer who supports the Confederacy, with musician Johnny Cash and civil rights activist Daisy Gatson Bates.

Florida, along with civil rights activist Mary McLeod Bethune, is in the midst of replacing the statue of Edmund Kirby Smith, a Confederate general.

The House has taken additional legislative action this week to eliminate Confederate imagery. Earlier this week, the House passed its own version of the annual Defense Policy Bill, which required renaming military bases honoring Confederate officers.

And starting on Thursday, the House is set to take a government spending package with measures to order the National Park Service to remove “all materially consolidated monument works” within 180 days and build on military installations designated by Confederate officials Prohibits the use of taxpayer funds for projects until they are being diverted.

House Democrats further plan to unveil the voting rights legislation later this week in honor of Lewis. The Democrats’ bill, passed in December to restore a provision in the Voting Rights Act of 1965, hopes to establish a process for states with a history of voter suppression to obtain federal approval before changes to election laws .

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