House painting letters disappoint homeowners in the Silverdo Ranch community

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A $ 2000 home paint job during a pandemic can take a big cut from your budget. Just ask the many homeowners who live in the Silverdo Ranch community.

They are upset with a letter from their property manager asking them to paint their houses or pay a fine.

“I was shocked. I was surprised that it was a ten-day compliance letter.”

Mary Kos has been living in the Silverado Place community for more than ten years and says she always follows the rules as a homeowner.

She was stunned to receive a letter asking her to paint her house or face a possible fine. The letter states that he needs to reply within ten days.

Koos says that the other neighbors have received the same letter and are all struggling with finances because many of them lost their jobs during the epidemic.

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“How are we going to budget this with my husband being unemployed,” she said.

Koos says that the board members who own his house are trying to help him and they don’t know that the letters were initially sent. She estimates that a new paint job will cost between $ 1500 to $ 2000.

This is an investment she says she can’t afford right now.

“The painting of our house snatches our emergency funds and leaves us with nothing,” she said.

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A property manager with the best properties in Nevada says that about 30 homes received letters.

She says that the community as a whole has been given notices that it was time to first paint their homes.

The letters were sent in person when it was not stated that it was the responsibility of the homeowner.

She says no one is being forced to paint their homes on short notice and grants are being given for extensions from six months to a year.

Koos says that there could have been better communication from property management about working with them.

“I think a follow-up letter saying that they would be willing to work with them and give them for a year would definitely help our community,” she said.

In the end, Koos was able to get a one-year extension from property managers on his home painting.


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