House Democrats ask the Supreme Court to speed things up in Trump’s financial document cases

The court ruled Thursday that House committees could search for the documents, but sent the case to a lower court for further review of subpoenas.

However, since judgments are normally not issued until 25 days after the Supreme Court ruling, that limits the amount of time the House has to go back to the lower courts. Monday’s motion asks the court to shorten the 25 days and speed up the process.

Document: Supreme Court ruling on Trump House Democrats' request for financial documents

Speed ​​is essential, House attorney Doug Letter wrote, because current subpoenas die when Congress ends in January.

“The immediate issuance of this Court’s judgments would speed up proceedings in lower courts so that the Committees can obtain the necessary materials to carry out the necessary legislative reforms as quickly as possible to address, among other issues, conflicts of interest that threaten with undermining the Presidency, money laundering and unsafe lending practices, and foreign interference in the US elections and any other continuing threats to national security stemming from President Trump’s foreign financial entanglements, “the letter wrote.

Democrats say they need the records of Trump’s accounting firm and two banks to continue legislative investigations on a variety of issues ranging from alleged clandestine payments and illegal foreign involvement in a US campaign, to possible violations of money laundering and ethical standards.

Democrats say Supreme Court ruling shows Trump is not above the law, but warns of delay

Trump’s attorneys sued to block the subpoenas, arguing that while they are directed at third parties, they involve the president and members of his family and amount to an illegal fishing expedition.