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Hotel planned in outer space: excellent views, but a bit expensive

Looking for a getaway that offers unparalleled views of sunrises and sunsets? Specifically, 384 of them in 12 days?

Try the outer space.

Orion Span, based in Houston, hopes to launch the "first luxury hotel in space" – the Aurora Station by 35 by 14 feet – by the end of 2021 and bring guests on board next year. The hotel will accommodate up to four travelers and two crew members at a time, competing across the globe at high speeds for 12 days, the company said in a statement.

Adventurers pay $ 9.5 million per person, or about $ 791,666 per night – and their $ 80,000 deposit can now be booked online, company officials said. But do not fear: the deposit is fully refundable.

"We want to take people into space because it is the last frontier for our civilization," Orion Span founder and CEO Frank Bunger told Bloomberg.

said that one reason why Orion Span can point to a price of less than $ 10 million per person is due to the decreasing price of the launches.

"Everyone is forecasting that (the launch prices) will fall," he said. "Almost every week there is another rocket launch company that is starting with a new way to get to orbit cheaper, faster, better."

Orion Span's announcement of a luxury hotel in space comes amid a revival of the commercial space industry. The launch of Falcon Heavy by Elon Musk from the Kennedy Space Center in February was the latest in a series of milestones that have renewed the interest of companies in space.

The launch raised the question of whether SpaceX and other private companies could maintain their momentum and fulfill the promise to return humans to space. That probability could increase as the Trump administration seeks to restructure the role of NASA.