Hot Tub Robberies in Author’s Think Beef, Alberta, Canada, linked

– It was only after the transport truck was pulled from the loading dock, loaded with seven hot tubs over $ 110,000, that workers at a Canadian spa company in Thorsby realized they had been robbed. And this was not the first time such an heir had taken place in Alberta: Per Guardian, Just days earlier, hundreds of pounds of beef, valued at about $ 175,000, were removed from Brooks’ meatpacking plant in another “brazen” daytime robbery. In both cases, the drivers of the Quebec company, allegedly called Transport Pascal Charland, who were riding in their trucks, introduced counterfeit paperwork to drive out employees, and then brutalized their stolen goods. . “This is the first time in my 12 years of policing that I’ve seen this type of thing, certainly hot tubs or stolen beef of this amount,” says Royal Canadian Mounted Police Representative Rob Giles.

According to Global News, the first robbery at the JBS Meatpacking facility took place on August 30, where the suspect was pulling a burgundy-colored semicircular white refrigerated trailer. On September 2, a different truck (a white Volvo with a sleeper) driven by a man with a different description of who was driving the truck earlier had stolen seven hot tubs from Blue Falls Manufacturing. However, both drivers claimed they were from Transport Pascal Charland. Dennis Kelner, president of Blue Falls Manufacturing, says he was “dubbed” about how the robbery occurred on his site, noting that it is a sophisticated operation, according to CTV News. He says his company has abandoned its security procedures around pickup. Police believe that the two robberies are linked and the investigation will continue. (Read more funny crime stories.)


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