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NORMAN, Okla. It’s official: Lon kruger has announced his retirement after 10 years with the program. The esteemed Sooners head coach made the tough decision and decided to quit Thursday afternoon.

“It has been an honor to serve the University of Oklahoma as their head men’s basketball coach for the past 10 years,” Kruger said in a statement. “The people here are certainly amazing and our family is so grateful for the kindness and support that Sooner Nation has expressed over the past decade. The leadership of Joe Castiglione and President Harroz has set an incredible culture and standard that is better. than any coach could have done. ” “We have such a deep appreciation for the players, coaches and fans. There really is ‘Only One Oklahoma’ and it is a great honor to be a Sooner for life.”

OU Vice President and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione continued with his expression of gratitude for what Kruger has been able to accomplish with Crimson and Cream.

“It is anything but easy to summarize the professional achievements and impact of Lon kruger the basketball coach and the person in just a handful of sentences, “Castiglione began.” The tremendous success he enjoyed on the court over the past four decades, the important mentoring role he played with players and staff, his dedication to trying to improve the lives of othersit is a career that you should certainly be proud of and that people should take the time to study and appreciate.

“His track record of successfully rebuilding programs everywhere he coached becomes even more impressive when you consider how he did it. He won with integrity, humility, class and grace. He did it with superior leadership skills and genuine kindness that included his constant encouragement.of all those around him.

“And that was certainly his method here for the last 10 years at OU. We thank him for a great career and for strengthening our men’s basketball program. Part of his success here was due to how intentional he was in connecting with the community, including about opening up all practices to the public and how he focused on former players, coaches and staff and on making OU men’s basketball a true family affair where everyone was welcomed. He and Barb will always be a part of and connected to the University of Oklahoma. We sincerely thank you and wish you all the best. “

Naturally, with all this, however, Castiglione will have to embark on another quest for coaching. now breaks down the top candidates up front.


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