Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus opens final night of convention with Trump, Pence, Fox News

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus jokingly opened the final night of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night President TrumpDonald John Trump The Memo: Obama Enters into War, Annoying Trump Harris to Accept VP Nomination Pelosi Paints Pledges to Fight for Country Ideals, and Trump and McConnell as Twin Barriers to More Progress I accepted., Vice President Pence and Fox News.

It had a different tone than the other nights of the conference and received mixed responses from home watchers.

Tech entrepreneur Andrew YangAndrew Yangyang further criticizes the ‘patronage’ of Democratic messaging ahead of the convention speech, the study begins in Germany. Universal Basic Income Biden rides high, but face-full party and more, A lifelong 2020 Democratic nominee, introduced the former “Seinfeld” star, who is hosting the final night of convention programming.

Yang and Louis-Dreyfus then launched a bit in which they deliberately mispronounced Pence’s name. A clear shot at the Republican who mispronounced Sen’s maiden name several times. Kamala HarrisKamala Harris The Memo: Obama Enters into War, Annoying Trump Harris Pledges to Accept VP Nomination Pelosi Paints to Fight for Country Ideals and Trump and McConnell as Two Barriers to More Progress accepted (D-California.), Democratic Vice President Nominee.

“We can’t wait to see their debate with their current vice president, Mikka Pints,” said Luis Dreyfus. “Or is it paints?”

“It’s Pahnce’s pronunciation, I believe,” Yang said.

“It’s a strange kind of foreign name,” said Louis-Dreyfus.

“Yes, not very American sounding,” Yang replied.

From there, Louis-Dreyfus met the presidential presidential presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe BidenHarris vp nomination Pelosi paints pledge to fight for country’s ideals in accepting Trump and McConnell as twin hurdles Democratic stars unleash fury of attacks on Trump peacock For his hit show “Veep” on HBO, in which he played the role of vice president.

Then he encouraged voters to text “30330” for updates on the Biden campaign.

“An easy way to recall 30330 is how Donald Trump will eventually release his tax returns,” he said. “If we all vote, there’s Facebook, Fox News and nothing Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich Putinbeller An Open Letter to the Trump Administration Between Freedom and the Struggle Political Appointments Hill’s 12:30 Report: State-Centered Video Representative for the Roll Call Forum Can do to stop us. “

Later, Democrats showed a video of Biden talking about his faith, with Louis-Dreyfus making fun of Trump for cleaning up protesters from around the White House for a candid photo-op in June Walk to church in washington dc

“Joe Biden goes to church, often doesn’t even need tear gas or federal troops to help him get there,” she said.


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