Horoscope for today, February 19, 2021

Your horoscope for today, February 19, 2021, is here with an astrological forecast for all the zodiac signs starting this Friday.

The Sun is officially in the zodiac sign Pisces, and the Moon rises from Taurus to enter Gemini at 11:02 am EST.

The first quarter moon occurs at 1:46 pm EST.

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The new solar season has begun, but the Pisces season marks the end of the 2020 astrological season when the new year begins with Aries on March 21.

If your birthday is today:

If February 19 is your birthday, you are a Pisces zodiac sign ruled by the planet Neptune.

You are a kind, soft-spoken person who needs space and time for yourself.

You are spiritually focused and have an intuitive personality type.

Famous Pisceans who share his birthday include British singer-songwriter Henry ‘Seal’ Olusegun Adeola Samuel and American actress Justine Bateman.


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