Horoscope for today, February 14, 2021

Your horoscope for today, February 14, 2021, is here with an astrological forecast for all the zodiac signs starting this Sunday.

Mercury retrograde encourages review and reflection, so jumping forward to start a new project can be challenging

It can be very difficult to process your feelings as Mercury retrograde continues to work with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in the zodiac sign of Aquarius for the next two weeks.

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Mercury retrograde can be a tense time where people return to their life or some kind of half-completed project comes back for a review.

It is rarely a situation in which anger does not get involved. Nobody likes to waste time, and this is reflected in Mercury retrograde square Mars and the chaotic Uranus in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

So disagreements with undercurrents of hurt feelings and unwanted tensions can come into play with authority figures on issues related to money, property, and who is responsible for what.

Keep the focus on yourself so you don’t get caught in the crossfire that we’re all experiencing on some level … but that will eventually pass.


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