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Hoop Dawgs driven in Auburn 88-66

Hameir Wright (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

The Auburn Tigers (2-0) started hot and stayed warm, finally hit 12 three-pointers and rebounded to Washington 41-24, including 18 offensive rebounds when the UA reached a 30-point lead and finally beat the Huskies ( 1-1) 88-66 on Friday night against an announced 9121 at the Auburn Arena in Auburn, Ala.

Chuma okeke Lead all Auburn scorers with 19 points. Samir Doughty added 18 and Jared harper and Bryce Brown contributed 13 points each.

Jaylen nowell Y Naz Carter He led the Huskies with 16 points each, while Noah dickerson – who came out with 10:28 remaining in the game – scored 12 and David Crisp 10

Auburn used his speed and athletic ability to set the pace they wanted and forced 18 UW turnovers. The defense of the Washington area was not stretched enough to keep the Tigers off the three-point line. Okeke made the first in just over 90 seconds of play and AU won 8 in the first half alone.

Washington found 15 minutes of play and then 22 minutes with 6:15 minutes for the intermission. Dickerson, who had two quick fouls that invited him to start, just as he did in UW's victory over Western Kentucky, was put back in the game and emphatically put a dunk in the next UW possession.

On the way back to the defensive end, Dickerson let out an emotional scream that turned into a technical foul, his third part of the game.

"We tried to do some things, we blew up some coverages," Washington Head Coach Mike Hopkins said post-game. "We aspired when we should not, there were a lot of mistakes tonight, you have to give a lot of credit to Auburn, they did a very good job, they are a difficult team, they are a physicist, the referees let them do a little physical examination early and The same thing happened to Noah, twelve points in 17 minutes, we have to have him on the court, those things have been happening, some unforced errors, people involved, it's like a fireworks show, and that's when they're at their best moment ".

At that time, Carter came in to help add some athleticism and audacity to the lineup. They fought to keep the score reasonable, and actually raised the half-time deficit to 48-30.

The second half started like the first, with Auburn setting the pace and breaking when they could with their rebound discrepancy. Dickerson picked up his fourth foul with 17:47 to play, which meant that the Huskies had to go to Hameir Wright.

Okeke came back with a layin and then a Malik Dunbar dunk gave the hosts a margin of 29 points with 16:17 to play and that was the ball game.

Nowell and Carter were key to keeping the margin reasonable for UW, scoring 24 of their 34 points thereafter.

Auburn's biggest advantage was 30 with 15:47 to play, and UW was able to reduce it to 20 with 33 seconds to play on a free kick by Carter, but Preston Cook, of AU, gave the Tigers their margin of victory. 22 points. .

In general, the Huskies played against Auburn almost in a straight line in the second half, losing the last 20 minutes 40-36, and UW shot better than Auburn (56 percent to 41 percent). But Auburn shot the ball 25 times more than the Huskies. They outscored the Huskies 41-24, including 19-3 on offense.

Auburn beat Washington 30-6 in turnovers and 22-2 in second-chance points. They also outscored the Huskies on the free throw line by 8.

"They beat us in all areas of the game, you looked at the percentages in the game, we were not very offensive, we turned the ball around, they were active, and sometimes it was not pressure, we were just throwing bad passes. 30 points, second chance points 22, they got 70 shots in our 45 shots, they're played in a hurry, they did a great job of being aggressive, we were really scattered at the three line points and they still made 11th. a formula for success, when they did it, we did not come back and we bounced in. It was a double hit.

"These opportunities, you learn from them and you advance, we play these games to see where we are and we have to improve, this game will be reduced to if we learn from it, and we will, it will be a game that really elevates us as the season. "

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