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Honor 20 Pro review | Stuff

The Honor 20 Pro may not be the obvious no. 1 option for hardcore gamers and obsessive video transmitters, but mobile photographers will love it.

You get four rear cameras and a great 32 megapixel selfie. Let's start with the rear cameras. The main camera has the same Sony IMX586 48-megapixel sensor that is currently connected to so many phones, it's as if governments around the world were calming down.

The lens has an ultra wide aperture f / 1.4 too. Such a high megapixel count makes you instantly assume that numbers are the main attraction. They are not

A combination of a large 8-megapixel 3x zoom and an ultra-wide 16 megapixel "0.6x" camera are the highlights here. We had the opportunity to walk around Valencia for a day with the Honor 20 Pro, and we found that this was an almost perfect tourist camera.

Prepare the bumbag and sandals. It is not only the true additional detail of the zoom, or the different effects that an ultra-wide offers you.

The software maximizes what you can do with them. All three can use the dedicated "super night" mode that Huawei developed for the best phones like the P20 Pro. It's not fast, but the results are bright, and there's a bit of technological excitement to see as the preview goes it becomes brighter and clearer, like a photo of Polaroid Instax.

The Honor 20 Pro also has the most flexible and ambitious Aperture mode you'll see on a phone. This emulates the appearance of a DSLR photo with an ultra wide aperture lens, blurring the background.

OnePlus 7 Pro has one of these, but it is only really designed for portraits and simply refuses to work if your subject is not at the optimal distance. The Honor 20 Pro will have a problem in everything, and although the results are not always perfect, the additional flexibility allows you to take pictures that other phones simply do not.

The great overall image quality, all those lenses and non-restrictive modes make you feel more free like a photo photographer. Makes taking pictures more fun. That sense of fun and that allows you to explore the creative potential of both the hardware and the software sums up the Honor 20 Pro camera quite well.

This camera is a good time, it's that simple. If you want to go beyond fun, go head to a group of fluffs, there is also the AR mode. This allows you to map 3D animal faces about yourself and record videos with preprocessed filters and soundtracks that could convince your friends that you are "creative." Or something. Blame Snapchat.

The video side of the Honor 20 Pro is a little less impressive, but it's still strong. You can shoot 4K stabilized at 30 frames per second, and switch between lenses for editing on the fly.

Any bad part? The Honor 20 Pro often makes your photos too bright, whether you use the "AI" enhancement mode or not. You can adjust the exposure while shooting.

The large aperture lens can also cause problems, causing the streetlights to light up, like a laser, at night, no matter how much the lens is cleaned. And the macro camera, which we have barely mentioned so far, is not good. The concept? Cool. But the 2-megapixel sensor means that it simply does not get the details needed to make a macro image look like a macro photo.

Finally, the camera housing is too prominent. Our guess is that Honor needed to do this to fit a 3x zoom without spending another small fortune on engineering.

Our Honor 20 Pro did not come with a case. If yours does, use it. We already managed to scrape part of the black paint from the casing, giving it a shiny, shabby edge.

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