Ten years when you / pupils are looking at both sides: the mainland people and the government should be treated separately.

Said Zhang Wuyue the scholar said that the mainland knows about its dealings with the government of Taiwan and the individuals, and that Taiwan should deal with the mainland government from mainland government. (Picture / Rewind Youtube)
Said Zhang Wuyue the scholar said that the mainland knows about its dealings with the government of Taiwan and the individuals, and that Taiwan should deal with the mainland government from mainland government. (Picture / Rewind Youtube)

Looking back at the connections and the relationship between the two sides of the strait, after the Chinese government-Chongqing power, Beijing passed the crowd from Taiwan apart from the DPP government, "hard" the DPP government, and "soft". "the people of Taiwan. In an individual interview, both structural changes should be avoided due to a lack of political confidence. But the mainland recognizes that the government of Taiwan and the individuals should be treated.

Professor Zhang Wuyue, who opened the cross-lines of their family in 1987, said that the relationship between the Taiwanese and Taiwanese Islands has been down and down. There was a need for compromise between two sides of the strait in 1991 and the two-way negotiations in Singapore in 1993, but by the crisis in the Taiwanese Channel in 1995, negotiations over a narrows in Narrows. After the relationship was revived, the relationship was suspended in 1999, and negotiations did not start until 2008.

From 2008 to 2016, the Overnight situation was relatively medium. Looking back over the last ten years, both sides have been in the "top-level" leaders, the Ma Xihui in Singapore. Two sides of the narrows have signed up t 23 agreements to establish basic and basic communication.

But, in the two years since President Tsai Ing-wyn arrived, both sides lacked political confidence, resulting in dramatic changes in defense, diplomacy, negotiation and cross-strand exchange. Taiwan has broken four countries in the past two years, which were rare in the last ten years.

In the last ten years, by 2016, there will be no flights and aircraft landed on the mainland. Luke and Lusheng that come to Taiwan have become tighter than ever.

On the other hand, civilianization and investment has not changed. The mainland is still the biggest investment destination in Taiwan, and 40% of Taiwan is out of Taiwan. He was watched by the outside world that the number of people from Taiwan who are currently learning, earning or investing in the mainland continues to increase.

Zhang Wuyue believes that the removal of cross-Island relationships should be avoided "avoidance of uncertainty and emergency control". This is the main priority for both sides.

Zhang Wuyue said in the last two years that political pressure between the two sides did not compromise the two most reciprocal relationships, and a new basis for mutual trust was not established. T keeping them. Therefore, any party trying to demonstrate goodwill in the waiting and the other party's doubts, so that good intentions do not emerge. But when “one” is “interpreted” within the organization, the other side thinks this is a good support for the other party.

Zhang Wuyue suggested that a way to find new political trust between the two sides of the strait is a new problem – at least management and emergency control, and "stop and fix" are the key priorities.

Zhang Wuyue pointed out that Taiwan should understand that disagreement between both sides of the tales is extremely trustworthy, but people on both sides of the strait should not face them and hate it. When people go wrong, it is difficult to make sure that trusting relationships are positive.

For example, Zhang Wuyue, the mainland is currently dealing with Taiwanese government and Taiwanese people from each other. Beijing is “hard” for the DPP government, but “soft” for the Taiwanese people. As to what our government should do, it believes that the government has enough wisdom to make a judgment. He suggested that the English-speaking government should express more concern and goodwill about people on the mainland, Lu, and Lusheng, and strengthen the powerful power market of Taiwan, so that people on the mainland can understand things and understand what they want. Taiwan views, so look at Taiwan in a more positive way. This is especially useful for hybrid relationships. "We shouldn't deal with the mainland government and the mainland people together."

Zhang Wuyue said what kind of words encourage each other, become hatred, and helpless, so everyone should try to keep themselves under control. In the long term, the cross- characteristic relationships can be strengthened, while they can continue to keep peace, everyone will talk more and do more, until they continue to keep peace. somewhere will have something.

Zhang Wuyue studied the impact between the two relationships between diverse energy and international strength, and universal values ​​have an influence on freedom, democracy and human rights in interior values. This is not the same thing as the mainland emphasis on "nationality, nationality".

Zhang Wuyue said that Taiwan needs to make a clear understanding that mainland managers and the people have not yet fully reflected the "shared values ​​of the West" and even have negative objections. Taiwan does not have to agree fully with mainland political proposals, but the fundamental role of the government is to understand clearly that there are things about living in the lesser way. ensuring cross-cutting relationships, and maintaining national security from fluctuation.

Over the past two years, major military aircraft have been damaged and diplomatic diplomacy has entered the four nations.

However, the mainland also believes that Taiwan also "changes the status quo" and believes that Cai's government does not recognize the 92 agreement after taking up their appointment, and that its diplomatic partnership is with t United States "de-China" and that Taiwan is changing the status quo.

If we add the United States, the status quo of the USA, China and Taiwan is not stable. They all believe that the other varies the status quo to one side. If one of the parties is solving “inappropriate action”, it will be difficult to maintain the current situation in the Taiwanese Channel.

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