Honda Explains How You Can Use Wireless Android Auto, Forgetting One Key Description

Both Android Auto and CarPlay are becoming more common features in modern cars, and it’s very easy to find out why: simply by connecting a smartphone to a head unit, infotainment capabilities are immediately overhauled, giving users access to apps like Google Maps Provides Access, Spotify, and Waze.

Honda is one of the companies already offering Android Auto support on their cars, and in a video published on YouTube this week, the company explains how easy it is to start using the system in its models.

Using the 2021 Accord for performance, Honda offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to install the wireless version of Android Auto, which allows you to use the app without the need for a cord.

But while the demo definitely comes in handy, the video actually misses an important detail that users should know: Wireless Android Auto is only available when you’re on Android 10, Samsung or Google Phone or Android 11 Own all mobile devices on the go.

While Honda says that you “Requires a compatible Android smartphone, “The carmaker does not mention that only a few models are supported on Android 10 and the feature is unlocked for all devices on Android 11.

Earlier, Google banned Android Auto’s wireless mode on the Pixel series on Android 10 and Samsung phones. However, the company decided to remove this requirement for all devices with the release of Android 11, so all models can run the new operating system. Launch Android Auto wirelessly as long as the head unit in the car supports it. is.

Worth knowing, however, the rollout of Android 11 is still in its early stages and not all devices have received it. While the Google Pixel series may already be updated to this latest version of the mobile OS, Samsung owners need to wait a bit longer, as South Koreans are currently testing the update as part of a private beta program Have been.

Samsung hopes to begin a rollout of Android 11 for its high-end devices in late 2020 or early 2021.


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