Honda Civic Type R vs. Volkswagen Golf R: Video Drag Race

The Honda Civic Type R and the new Volkswagen Golf R have very similar engines. Both are turbocharged and displace 2.0 liters. Both generate just over 300 horsepower. But as you probably know by now, engine specs are only part of the story.

The Golf R is the clear favorite here, despite similar power outputs. While the Civic gets by with a front-wheel-drive, slow-shifting manual transmission, the Golf features a quick-shift dual-clutch transmission with an advanced start control system. It also sends power to all four wheels, which means there’s twice the traction out of the line.

In a direct head-to-head drag put up by Carwow’s YouTube channel, the Golf makes quick work of the Type R off the line and leaves it for the dust, crossing the finish line ahead at various car lengths. Only when the Golf R gives the Type R a huge advantage does the finish get a little closer.

Of course, just because the Civic is slower in a straight line doesn’t mean it’s a bad car. In fact, it’s one of the best front-wheel drive cars on sale right now. We have yet to test the new Golf R, but if it is as good to drive in curves as on track, we are waiting for it.

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