HomePod Mini Comes to Customers

The HomePod Mini Launch Day is officially underway in countries such as Australia and Japan, where the calendar has already changed to 16 November, and customers are beginning to receive first orders. Track your shipment in MacRumors forums.

Instagram user shiology shared a photo of the White HomePod Mini and its box.

Daniel Fodoroff Miranda was one of the world’s first customers to purchase a HomePod Mini at an Apple store in Australia.

Priced at $ 99, the HomePod Mini is a more budget-friendly competitor for the Amazon Echo and Google Home, while still offering many of the full-size HomePod features including Siri, HomeKit, Apple Music, intercom voice messaging, and stereo pairing. The HomePod Mini is equipped with the same S5 chip as the Apple Watch Series 5, enabling “computational audio” and many reviewers have been impressed with the speaker’s sound quality.

The HomePod Mini is also launching in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Spain and the United Kingdom.


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