Homeless woman who slept in the parking lot are hired by the store: her ‘soul is contagious’

LaShenda Williams is creating the most opportunity to change lives.

A man standing in the parking lot: Kroger Company

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Kroger Company

At the end of last year, 46-year-old Williams fell on hard times and was living in the car she regularly parked outside a crowger in Tennessee. according to this United States Today, Williams had experienced abuse and drug addiction, which made it difficult for him to find work and a stable home.

A man is standing in the parking lot: Lahenda Williams was living in her car outside a Kroger grocery store when she applied for the location in December

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Lahnda Williams was living in her car outside a Kroger grocery store when she applied for a location in December

“I would tilt my seat backwards so that no one would see me because you know, I knew I wouldn’t go there,” Williams told NBC News.

But he eventually crossed the path with Kroger hiring manager Jackie Vandle, who, upon repeated questioning by Williams, reported that the store had been rented.

“You think if someone has integrity or if they are just trying to get a job, they say they got a month and then quit after a month.” United States Today. “She was very honest.”

“It was just a feeling, a gut feeling,” she added to NBC. “You can just tell that people are really real and when people know, you are trying.”

On the day of the job fair, Vandal suggested Williams submit her application online. Williams retrieved an old laptop from his car and spent the hour withdrawing his application with Vandal’s help – and as soon as he presented it, Vandal hired him on the spot.

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A man is standing next to a car: Kroger Co. Lahenda Williams

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Kroger Company Lahenda Williams

“We are very happy to have Lachenda as part of our Kroger family,” said Melissa Eades, manager of corporate affairs for the Kroger Nashville division. “His uplifting spirit is contagious. He has made such a positive impact on his fellow team members, and so many customers. We are proud of that as an associate, ”she said.

In a recent report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 567,715 Americans experienced homelessness on a single night in January 2019. More than 200,000 of them were sleeping outside or at places “not for human habitation.”

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According to the organization, one of the primary solutions to homelessness is “rapid re-housing”, which works by recruiting landlords to shelter a person or family after being homeless. Doing so will help the person experiencing homelessness by connecting them with services and support to keep them stable as long as they are not facing the threat of being immoral.

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Williams is now at the shop for all 2020 and is taking maximum advantage of his opportunity. According to NBC, she saved so much money to get her own apartment that her co-workers helped her raise it.

“I was sleeping in a parking lot and looking for something to eat,” said Williams, who helps customers at self-checkout lines at Krog United states today.

“Now, all my children love on me here,” she continued. “Nobody abuses me, and nobody calls me dumb and stupid. For the first time in life I finally got peace.”

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