‘Home Alone 2’ star Macaulay Culkin sides with fan’s plea to remove Trump from film: ‘Sold’

Macaulay Culkin said he is on board with the removal of Donald Trump from “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”.

To a fan “Petition“On Sunday via Twitter and by Wednesday to digitally remove the president, Culkin responded to the social media user.

The fan wrote, “Petition to digitally replace Trump in ‘Home 2 Alone’ with 40-year-old Macaulay criminal,” Kevin McClister artist wrote Replied, “sold.”

In the 1992 Christmas flick, McCallister walks into Trump at the famous Plaza Hotel, which Trump has owned since 1988 before selling in 1995. He asks Trump, a passer-by, and Trump to direct the lobby.

CBC watched Donald Trump during the broadcast of ‘Home Alone 2’:

“Down the hall and to the left,” Trump replied to the young actor.

Another fan was successful Fully edit Culkin President, responding to fan effort Writing, “Praise.”

Celebrities Go to Trump 2 Trump Employees

In December 2019, Trump’s cameo in the film Dear Holiday was dropped by the Canadian Broadcast Company altogether. The edit received mixed criticism.

According to ComicBook.com, CBC provided a reason for the expulsion at the time, claiming it to “allow commercial time within the format”.

Macaulay Culkin agreed with a fan who expressed the idea that Donald Trump should be digitally removed from ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’.
(Getty / Fox News)

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On Wednesday, Trump became the first president in the nation’s history to bring impeachment twice.

President-elect Joe Biden’s unsuccessful attempt to block the accreditation of Electoral College’s victory led to a 232-197 vote to “incite the House to rebellion” after crowds of his supporters surrounded the Capitol on 6 January.

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Ten Republicans joined with Democrats.

Fox News’ Marissa Shultes contributed to this report

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