Holmes, founder of Theranos, wins battle over grand jury

A federal court judge gave a comprehensive list of requests by Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes as to how the grand jury had recently selected her for fraud. She has said in a court filing that she plans to challenge the selection process for the grand jury filed on 14 July.

Judge Edward Davila noted in his ruling Wednesday that Holmes’ primary concern was that the coronavirus epidemic may have prevented many potential gamblers from serving, so his grand jury may not have reflected the community’s required cross-section . Holmes’s request cited “the Kovid-19 crisis has had somewhat of an impact, which eliminates the medical and economic impact.”

The federal court system Kovid-19 Judicial Task Force issued a report in June advising courts that health concerns could prevent more potential gamblers from serving during the epidemic.

Sunny Balwani, former president of Stanford University Dropout Homes and Theranos, has more than a dozen cases of fraud at each accused Palo Alto blood-test startup. Davila has scheduled a jury trial to begin in March.

Davila, in his order, went through 21 access requests to Holmes, rubber-stamping nine because prosecutors did not oppose him, then agreed with Holmes’s pleas in the rest and largely dismissed the prosecution’s objections as inadequate. gave. In approving access to some jury-selection forms, including questionnaires for screening grand gamblers, Davila said they are empty, not filled inside.

According to information released to Holmes and Balwani, the judge had documents describing the change in grand jury selection procedures made due to the epidemic, along with guidelines for selecting jurors from a pool, and number of potential grand jurors. Served vs. the number of people selected.

The Kovid-19 task force of the court system had advised the courts to consider bringing grand grand jewelers in less than 23 times the number of 23. ”