Holmes, founder of Theranos, can claim mental status

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been charged with more than a dozen felony felony counts on her convicts Palo Alto blood test startup, plans to present evidence of a mental condition that affects the issue of crime, one The blockbuster is revealed by the judge’s order.

Judge Edward Davila said federal prosecutors would be allowed to leave Stanford University for a 14-hour psychiatric trial and examination over two days.

In December, Holmes notified prosecutors of intent to “present expert evidence relating to mental illness or defect or any other mental condition bearing a defendant”, according to an order by Davila issued on Wednesday.

She plans to call Fullerton psychology professor Mindy Mechanic as an expert witness at California State University, whose university bio says he “studies the psychological consequences of trauma, victimization, and interpersonal violence.”

The mechanic “routinely serves as an expert witness in complex legal matters involving women charged with crimes and other legal cases involving childhood or adult trauma, victimization and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),” her bio According to.

Davila ruled that because the mechanic’s testimony would be based on an examination of Holmes, prosecutors should also investigate him. Holmes denied a March request by prosecutors that she attend an examination, said Davila, who is presiding over the case in U.S. District Court in San Jose.