Hollywood’s 50 Most Powerful TV Shorners of 2020

As per the perennial demand, different Kalinga is bringing new projects for WarnerMedia, their coming-of-age comedy never have I ever (From former studio NBCUniversal) with its April launch – according to Netflix, and grossed an audience of 40 million homes. Co-producer Fisher, who serves as Schrüner, also had a hand in the July one-off. 30 rock Reunion Special.

I know that life will return to normal…

Kalinga: “I can sneeze and people don’t look at me like I betrayed them.”

I want to see a big change in the industry in 2021

Lang: “I want to see more diversity and include onscreen and off. And, honestly, I want to see more compassion and empathy towards each other. After this incredibly difficult year, I think We all have to be a zero. A policy of tolerance for donkeys on the set or in the writers’ room. ”

Best 2020 home office upgrade

Kalinga: “My zoom backdrop is still building Emily in paris. ”

My staff favorite show is discussion …

Lang: “We’re talking a lot about HBO Oath. The general consensus is that people should know that they were in a cult when they were asked to play volleyball at three in the morning. ”

Favorite Lockdown Bing Watch

Kalinga: “Ozark. During my last pregnancy it was game of Thrones. I love violence when I am a child growing up, I think. ”

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