Hogan: Maryland may begin Phase 3 of its plan to reopen on Friday

Maryland Village Larry Hogan announced that the state could enter the third phase of the reopening plan starting on Friday.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, citing a decreasing number of positivity in several coronovirus health metrics, announced that the state could enter the third phase of a reopening plan starting Friday.

“All Maryland businesses will be able to open,” Hogan said during an update on Tuesday.

From 5 pm onwards, more businesses may open and capacity may increase.

“As we begin to move to stage three, the law still gives individual counties the authority to make decisions that are more restrictive about the timing of the reopening of stage three in their own jurisdiction,” Hogan said. said.

As soon as he stepped into the third phase in the state, he warned the residents to be vigilant.

The state’s positivity rate is 3.39%, a drop of over 87% since it reached 26.91% on April 17.

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The positivity rate has been less than 4% for 24 days since 24 August. 8. The benchmark of disease control and prevention and the World Health Organization is 5%, Hogan said, and the state is down from June 25.

Hospitalization rate is 12%, which is 12 days before 12 days; Was on Hogan said ICU levels are also down by 30%.

“We are better placed in the country and better than most states across the country. And while it is important that we remain vigilant as we fight this deadly virus, it is also important that we struggle to protect the economy and health to safely advance our small business community and our struggling Maryland families. Continue Reopening our economy and getting more people back to work safely, ”Hogan said.

What happens in phase three

Here’s how some businesses and services might operate in Phase Three:

  • Religious facilities can open to the general public with 75% capacity.
  • Retail businesses and malls can open at 75% capacity.
  • All manufacturing businesses can open.
  • Businesses that provide personalized services such as beauty salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, tanning salons, massage parlors and others that provide beauty services can open to the general public on a 50% plus capacity basis.
  • The total number of people allowed in indoor recreation areas cannot exceed 50%.
  • Indoor theaters may open to the general public with 50% capacity or may not exceed 100 people.

For a complete list of how phase three looks in Maryland, read Hogan’s order here.

The Howard Company moves forward with Phase 3; Montgomery Company to Review Hogan’s Order

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced on Tuesday that the county would proceed with Hogan’s order.

“We will proceed with the revised plan this evening, but the governor will encourage our residents to walk lightly. We are still very much in a public health crisis, and these comfort restrictions do not mean that we should let our guard down, ”Ball said in a statement.

Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich said the county needed time to review Hogan’s order to determine the best course of action.

“We will determine the best way forward for our residents and businesses while protecting public health over the next few days,” Alerick said in a series of tweets.

Ellrich said Hogan’s announcement “surprised us”, and although he wants to open the county as soon as possible, Ellrich said, “We should also proceed with caution.”

“We will continue to follow data and science in Montgomery County, as we have done every day during the epidemic. We average about 70 cases per day, and yesterday, we had 97 cases – those numbers are related because they There are more than a few weeks ago, ”said Alerick.

Md., To use an app that informs risk exposure

Hogan said that through a partnership with Apple and Google, Maryland would be one of the first states to use an app designed to help public health officials so quickly notify those exposed to coronovirus Can go The app is called Exposure Notification Express.

Hogan warned residents against caution when spending time with family, especially during the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

According to contract tracing in Maryland, 41% who tested positively attended family gatherings, and 19% reported that they attend home parties and outdoor events.

Reopening school

The State Board of Education approved new requirements for instruction for the school year.

According to the board-approved plan, schools should include three and a half hours of “synchronous” instruction each day. It is up to the school districts to decide how to provide three and a half hours for grades K-12.

School districts plan to require students to “reevaluate revaluation plans” by the second semester and not submit them to the Maryland State Department of Education by the third week of November.

Hogan said 16 school districts have submitted plans that include some return to classrooms, but eight courts have not.

Hogan expressed disappointment over how his announcement last week fully authorized every school system to start safe again.

He clarified that school systems were not ordered to do anything, and the decision was left to them. He reiterated that there was no plan to reopen the schools for the entire year “was not acceptable.”

Upcoming election

Hogan announced that, as of Tuesday, the State Board of Elections has mailed all absentee ballots to each Maryland voter.

He also said that the state has recruited some 11,000 people to work as election judges and activists, and has urged jurisdictions to contact those who have expressed interest in working in elections. .

He encouraged those willing to vote on Election Day to vote during off-peak times to avoid congestion.

Hogan said the election takes eight weeks to send ballots, and he expressed concern about the crowded elections and the board did not respond swiftly.

“We are going to work with the legislature to stay on top of the election board because I am not completely convinced that things are going smoothly. And we are going to do everything we can to help, ”Hogan said.