Hockey player attacked while arrested for COVID-19 violation

The disturbing video is coming out of Canada in which police officers are assaulting and torturing a young man for playing ice hockey at an outdoor rink in Alberta.

A viral video shows the Calgary police closing a pick-up ice hockey game outside. Police claim the game was in violation of public health orders. Southwood Community Rink and Skatepark reported 40 deaths.

According to the Alberta government website: “Outdoor team sports should also be limited to 10 people or less and a distance of 2 meters must be covered at all times.”

Two female officers attempt to apprehend the man, who refuses to obey police orders to get on the ground. An officer is caught stabbing a hockey player, but he is standing on the ice. During the skirmish, one of the police officers falls to the ground.

When someone asks why the officer has a hand on the gun, the police respond, “This is not a gun, this is a tusser, and he is under arrest, and I have the power to use force to effect the arrest.” Right. “

Pointing to his taser aimed at the man, the policeman shouts, “Get on the ground! Go to the f **** ground! Get on the ground before I f *** ing you!”

The spectators descended from the ice and urged them to surrender to the police.

A female officer appears to be trying to force a chokel on the male, but is unsuccessful. Police officers attempt to bring the man to the ground, but he stands at one place and asks, “Why do I have to go to the field?” One of the officers kills the man several times in the groin area.

The officers finally have the man’s hand behind his back, and he says, “I just asked you what you were doing to that little kid.”

The “little kid” may be a reference to a 12-year-old Ryan Pine, who was instructed by police to stop skateboarding in the same park.

“A peace officer sat in this car and got out … and told the skateboarders that we had to go and [were] There is no permission to go there and all of us refused and they called for backup for other police to come, ”Pinebar told Global News.

“They lay him on the ground for six minutes, just frozen, cutting his skates with a knife,” said Sanobar. “They arrested him and threatened us: ‘If you don’t go away, we are going to give you a ticket.”

The authority said A 21-year-old officer was charged with obstructing, resisting arrest and violating the Public Health Act.

Calgary’s Mayor Nahid Nenshi said on Friday, “If you see the flag being violated, you should call them. That doesn’t mean a random pickup hockey game starts at a rink and breaks off quickly Is what you are calling the police. – If you see people putting others at risk, then this is something you should call. “

Nenshi said, “There is no hard, fast rule for how many people can be on the rink … but you will know when you see it.”

The names “Ocean” and “Orca” are being heard in the video. The young man being arrested is reportedly 21 years old sea Wiesblatt, According to Rebel News founder Ezra Levant. Ocean Webblut plays for the Portage Terriers, a Canadian junior “A” ice hockey team.

Wiesblatt comes from a family of hockey players; His three brothers, including Orca Wiesblatt, play junior hockey. Another brother, Ozzie Vezblut, is an NHL prospect, drafted in the first round of the 2020 draft by the San Jose Sharks in October.

The Wiesblatt brothers and their mother, who are deaf, were featured in a SportsNet video last December where Calgary’s family talked about how hockey helped them overcome adversity.

The remarkable story of the Wiesblatt family. Home team heroes


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