Hobby Lobby raises its minimum wage to $ 17 per hour

Starting next month, Hobby Lobby will raise the minimum wage to $ 17 per hour for full-time workers, with arts and crafts retailer officials said Tuesday that they cite the difficulty of working during work. Coronavirus epidemic.

The hourly wage increase will lobby Hobby among the highest-paid American retailers, with more than 43,000 employees and 900 stores in the US. Amazon, Costco and Target offer a baseline salary of $ 15, while Walmart offers at least $ 12.

CEO David Green said in a statement, “Because this year has presented many challenges for our employees, we are very pleased that we are able to provide salary increases to thousands of our colleagues before the Christmas season.”

Part-time workers at Hobby, who earn $ 11 per hour, will not qualify for the new base salary. The company did not disclose how many employees would make $ 17 per hour.

Heidi Shirholz of the Institute of Economic Policy and formerly Chief Secretary said, “If it applies to a fair share of their low-paid employees, then it is really putting their minimum wage at a decent level, and that’s a good The thing is.” Department of Labor in the Obama Administration.

Minimum wage will increase in many states


Hobby Lobby made headlines earlier this year. Stores not closed Coronovirus swept across the nation as an epidemic. In states such as Texas and Wisconsin, locations temporarily closed Reopened as required businesses Offering face masks and hygiene supplies. In April, the virus shut down businesses around the US, with Hobby Lobby rendering thousands of its employees unconscious.

The final minimum wage is stuck at $ 7.25. Raised in 2009. Wages vary, with higher rates ranging from $ 15 to $ 7.25 at places like Indiana and Pennsylvania.

According to a 2019 analysis by the Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, 1.3 million families will be lifted out of poverty by 2025, raising the federal minimum wage by 2025.


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