Ho-Oh appears in Pokémon GO until December 12


Pokemon GO players favoring the second generation of Pokémon can now go one step closer to get their favorite legend stable by trapping Lugia's rival, Ho-Oh, the legendary bird of happiness, but they will only have until December 12. to do it. The surprise appearance of Ho-Oh is a global adventure, in celebration of the hard work of all players to reach the 3 billion Pokémon caught during the global challenge last week. Players will find that the powerful fire attacks from Ho-Oh are a challenge, but it should be a fair fight for a group of trainers with strong water-type Pokémon, such as the easily obtained and extremely powerful Vaporeon or a Blastoise or Feraligatr well. trained. .

This development comes a bit after the 48-hour window to catch Farfetch around the world would have vanished. There was no formal announcement or any presentation or fanfare; the coaches simply started receiving notifications that Ho-Oh was nearby, and the official live Twitter account of Pokemon GO sent a Tweet to inform the community about it. The appearance of Ho-Oh is an important event, and it seems to serve as a farewell to the recent event. This probably means that there will be no more issues related to the global capture challenge, apart from the YouTube show that celebrated the launch of.

The global challenge mentioned in the article took place last week, which lasts until November 26. Players around the world had about a week to capture 3 billion Pokémon, unlocking different levels of reward along the way . It was slow at first, but the players finally prevailed, first releasing extra XP and Stardust, which will last until December 1, and finally giving East Asian players an opportunity in Kangaskhan and unleashing Farfetch around the world. Both events only lasted 48 hours since their unlocking, and they are over. Ho-Oh will go out for two whole weeks, along with the legendary dogs of the same generation. Once the dogs have completed their rotation and Ho-Oh has stopped appearing, the only legendary second-generation Pokémon that will remain will be Celebi. Given its special and mythical nature, it may end up being saved for a special event later on. A similar fate probably happens to Mew, who has not yet appeared in the game despite being a legendary first-generation Pokémon. Just as Celebi is the guardian of time and the forest, it is believed that Mew is the genesis of all Pokémon. The game seems to follow a thread of having the most special legendary of each generation that does not appear, which means that we will not see Deoxys or Arceus at the same time as their contemporaries of the same generation.

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