H&M summoned by Chinese authorities over mapping problem

Chinese authorities summoned Hennes & Mauritz AB for what they said was incorrect mapping on H & M’s website, adding pressure on the Swedish clothing brand as it faces ire from social media for its stance against it. cotton sourcing from China’s Xinjiang region.

Officials called the company for a discussion on the violation of Chinese law after domestic Internet users informed authorities that H & M’s website contained “problematic Chinese maps,” the Shanghai arm of the company said on Friday. China Cyberspace Administration, the country’s Internet regulator.

The regulator did not offer details about the alleged mapping crime, but said that H & M’s website operator took steps to correct the problem. In a statement posted on the social media platform WeChat, he said the fashion giant was told to study various Chinese laws, “strengthen your knowledge of the national territory and really ensure the standardized use of the Chinese map.”

H&M could not immediately be reached for comment.

This is not the first time that H&M has struggled in China over map-related problems. In 2018, it was called upon to include Taiwan as a country in the Taiwanese version of its website. The company was also criticized by Chinese internet users for listing Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet as individual countries.


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