Hitman 3DLC is coming, but IO Interactive has not yet defined it

During the last half decade or more, the excellent world murder trilogy of Hitman has been one of the best supported series in the industry. Whether it is full-scale expansion, special assignments, time-limited goals or additional enhancements and challenge packs, the game has grown a lot.

However, Danish developer IO Interactive has been surprisingly quiet about plans for its post-release release for Hitman 3, and we can begin to think that it might be nonexistent. This is not the case, fortunately – haven’t decided what it will look like yet. Speaking as part of an interview with The Gamer, executive producer One Swartout Large stated that the team is “constantly working on the hitman”.

“We’re definitely going to do some DLC, but we haven’t defined what that is,” he said. “I think we are no longer seeing new maps like Banks and Haven Island. We are using existing locations and revisiting them, rotating them. And around this time, we can use the entire trilogy. We can look back at the Hitman 2016 map, the Hitman 2 map – we have all the locations. “

IO Interactive has created missions in the past that use the same areas, but changes the time of day and your goals. It also has some scenes completely remade, such as the film at Sapenza or the Halloween hike at Hawke’s Bay. We definitely want to see more of this kind of stuff, and we think it would be fun to bring back all the elusive goal permanently as well.

What kind of post-content would you like to see coming out of Hitman 3? As big says, can be done by the developer, then fully loaded, so while we appreciate that it is primarily focused on Project 007 right now, we hope it’s already a while. Adds to the vast world of the Killing Trilogy.


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