‘Hitman 3’ owners will not have to buy earlier games to play their maps

Plans of io interactive Hitman 3 Players may not use the locations of earlier games as planned, but this does not mean that you will have to repurchase those first two titles. The developer has promised Who own pc gamers Hitman or Hitman 2 Those games will not have to be purchased a second time to access their old content in the new Assassin title. It is mentioned in a guide that it “continues to work on a solution” that will allow importing for free, but did not say when it would be ready beyond some time “in the coming weeks”.

Meanwhile there is a solution. IO said it would make Hitman 1 The GOTY Access Pass (for transferring content to new games) is available for free to all PC customers who pre-order either Hitman 3 Purchase it at Epic Games Store or within the first 10 days. Whoever owns the original Hitman When they purchase the third game, a free goty access pass will be found on EGS. Won’t be so lucky with you Hitman 2, But both standard and gold access passes will be available after two weeks at an 80 percent discount Hitman 3launch of.

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