Historic Day: First Coronavirus Vaccination News in Bakersfield Hospitals

A local doctor called the vaccine a dagger behind the coronavirus.

A hospital president said Thursday was an important date in the history of the community, representing the light of hope at the end of a very long tunnel.

Hospitals in Bakersfield gave the first dose of the newly formed coronavirus vaccine to several officials, physicians and hospital staff, which was praised and cheered by hospital staff on Thursday.

“We should all go – all of us,” Dr., director of Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Kern Medical. Arash Heidari said, and will probably be the first person in Beerfield to be vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine.

“The more people who are immunized,” Heidiri said, “the sooner the epidemic ends.”

The vaccine Heidari was administered at Kern Medical by the hospital’s senior pharmacist Jeff Jolliffe, who called Heidi a “true hero” who has been working since the outbreak of the epidemic.

It only took seconds to inject the vaccine, and as soon as it was finished, Jolliffe said, “You’ve been vaccinated.”

After nine months of ending the epidemic and lockdown, restrictions, fears, and losses, the arrival of the vaccine has historically been registered for many, especially by medical professionals who have closely observed it for patients and even Have seen that with colleagues. Highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease.

Later in the afternoon, Bruce Peters, president and CEO of Mercy, became the first in Mercy to receive vaccinations from registered nurse Daler.

Peters said he went first because he did not want to ask hospital staff to do something he is not willing to do. And he wants the community to know that he is safe.

The vaccine is administered in two doses, three weeks apart, so Peter and all others who take the shot must return for a second injection.

“The benefits of the vaccine have outweighed the risks,” Peters said.

Commonly reported side effects according to the FDA include pain, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, chills, joint pain, and fever at the injection site, which authorizes the vaccine for individuals 16 years and older .

“Even after getting the vaccine, it is important to keep the mask on,” Peters said, adding that he would continue to follow the guidelines.

“Vaccines have been shown to be 94 percent effective,” he said. “This means that it will not be effective for 6 out of 100 people.”

“It’s important to continue following the guidelines,” he said.

Medical Director of Bakersfield Heart Hospital, Dr. Brij Bhambi became the first person to receive COVID-19 vaccine at that hospital on Thursday.

And ICU nurse Lucy Waldovino-Barrison was the first nurse to receive the vaccine at the hospital.

But Bakersfield Heart Hospital on Thursday vaccinated 75 doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists who are likely to be exposed to patients or infectious materials.

There was a sense of relief at Adventist Health Bakersfield after the Downtown Hospital received its first consignment of vaccines. Adventist Health Bakersfield and Market Medical Officer of Techapi Valley, Drs. Ronald Renoso said that the vaccine represents hope around the world.

“We are excited about the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine – it provides hope to everyone in Kern County and the world,” Renoso said in a statement. We are honored to be the first caregivers to receive a vaccine as we protect our front-line staff and continue to care for our patients.

“We are being given more widely in the community for vaccines,” he said.

Scott Thyerson, president of Kern Medical, hospital and clinic operations, said East Bakersfield Hospital has been providing medical care to Kern residents for over 150 years. And Thursday was one of the dates that would be remembered as historical.

“This is one of those important days in our community,” said Thiggerson.


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