Historians say Trump’s final year in office will define his legacy

CNN spoke with nine historians, who largely agreed that Trump’s final year in office – primarily, his failure to respond properly to the mob of rioters in the US Capitol and the mob of rioters in the US Capitol Stimulating – Cement has done more of Trump’s legacy than before. Three years of his presidency. In addition to his Kovid-19 response and the January 6 rebellion at the Capitol, Trump opposed racial justice after handling his first impeachment Senate trial, the death of George Floyd and other black Americans, and his challenge in the 2020 election of his time. The representing office boiled for a year, he said.

Trump has set himself apart for his style of communication, including free speech and cuff closure in an informal manner. He threw out personal insults, publicly cursed, and regularly repeated disbelief. He used Twitter to govern and issue instructions, appeal directly to his supporters and spread conspiracies. They escalated cultural wars, prevented racial division, and gave rise to right-wing extremism.

He advocated judges and courts that he disliked, jailed against “deep positions” and worked to undermine American intelligence agencies, attacked members of his own cabinet, and by the agency watchdog in his own administration Waged war against inspection of A recent directive from Trump made it easier to exclude federal government career officials and replace them with loyal political appointees.

“Trump Legacy, a Tired, Divided, Stressed Country with Stressed Institutions,” Timothy Naftali, a presidential historian for CNN.

Jeff Engel, a presidential historian and author of “Impeachment: An American History”, told CNN that he doesn’t think what President Trump did this year surprised anyone – either his supporters. Ne, or his opponents, or neutral critics. “

“What he managed to do in the first three years was to really tell who he is and everything in the last year has deepened the color palette for that picture,” Engel said.

‘A big crisis’

US President Donald Trump took off his facemask while arriving at the White House after returning from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he treated Kovid-19.
Engel said that the coronovirus epidemic encompassing all aspects of American life has not only consumed Trump’s contemporary analysis, but also shaped how the 45th president would be considered long-term. According to Johns Hopkins University data, as of Sunday, Kovid-19 claimed the lives of nearly 400,000 Americans and infected more than 23 million in the US.

Julian Zelezer, a historian and public affairs professor at Princeton University and a CNN contributor, said, “If you had asked me before the epidemic, I’d probably be talking a lot about tax cuts, deregulation, even immigration.” Takes. ” “The epidemic swept the country and defined what was going on. And so by definition, everything he has done this year will be beyond anything in the first three years.”

Such a health crisis would have challenged any US president, but Trump sparked the epidemic as it spread, unsafe treatment, flaunting health recommendations, humiliating his government’s health experts and wearing a mask. Politicized. His government rapidly worked to develop the Kovid-19 vaccine in record time, which is seen as a remarkable scientific achievement. But Operation Tana has fallen behind meeting expectations in dosing momentum to Americans.

Historians told CNN that the vaccine’s achievement should be weighed against Trump’s other decisions in dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic.

As Trump said, Engel had the opportunity to rise to the challenge and change the storyline of his presidency, and to “go down in history as an important or great president in everything that every president needs. Is a huge crisis. “

6 January – a ‘defined’ day

Historians also told CNN that Trump’s legacy would be denied by advancing misinformation and mistrust in the 2020 presidential election and the American electoral process. On 6 January, it was completely stirred up – in a violent mob of Trump pro-rioters that dissolved the US Capitol and demanded that Congress stop its certification of the 2020 election, which Trump lost to President-Elect Joe Biden .

“Those images have to bear the deepest damage on our democratic processes, and will define the Trump era,” said Professor and Dean of History at Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

Catherine Brownell, an assistant professor at Purdue University, told CNN that on January 6, “the Republican Party and conservative media culminated in a manner supported and enabled by Trump, breaking the rules and regulations of the law. Under his chairmanship.”

The attack on the Capitol, Brownwell said, “was shocking and unprecedented, with President Trump’s encouragement and direction. It turns out that America’s dark and violent history for white supremacy still threatens democracy, such as it does Is for centuries. – something that historians have repeatedly exposed not only in the last week, but in the last five years. ”

A week later, by the events of January 6 and threats to democracy and his life, the US House voted to “incite Trump to rebellion” – making Trump the first president to impeach Trump twice in American history.
Trump’s first impeachment – for abuse of power and Congressional obstruction – was acquitted in December 2019 and by the US Senate in February 2020 as “just a few among the commas in a long list of bizarre moments and breaking norms.” Can be seen in “Engel said.

Broken criteria

US President Donald Trump has kept a Bible outside St. John's Episcopal Church in Lafayette Park, Washington.

Historians say Trump has talked about several ways to demolish the US presidency and the norms of politics, but Belmont does not agree that Trump’s legacy will have a very bad effect. She argued that Trump had Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act or George W. A signature equivalent to Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act lacks legislative achievement.

Presidential historian HW Brands told CNN that “it was too soon to tell what would be Trump’s most enduring legacy” but if Trump had won the reunion, perhaps his novels would have become the new standard.

“Trump undermined other countries’ trust in the American leadership, but confidence can be restored. He challenged the validity of the election, but the election was held recently, votes were counted, and the winner would go on to become the next president. , “Brands told CNN in an email.

History scholar Lindsay Chravinsky, author of “The Cabinet: George Washington and the Creation of an American Institution”, told CNN that Trump’s business in the cabinet had been “similar to the United Nations in American history” and “perhaps the most unprecedented of things.” Is one of “about his presidency. ”

Martha Jones, a history professor at Johns Hopkins University and others, told CNN that the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy that caused thousands of migrant children to break away from their families would certainly reorganize and historians would have to contend with How the policy was allowed. Jones said his goal of legal immigration and birthright citizenship would also be memorable.

Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, told CNN that Trump would reshuffle the federal judiciary and the US Supreme Court by appointing three justices and calling the US Supreme Bench 6-3 conservative. – First majority. And time will tell if Trump’s most enduring legacy was “a lack of American democracy,” she said.

Trump’s America at home and abroad

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made a stand on North Korean soil, stepping into South Korea's demilitarized zone.

Trump’s supporters likely avoided their tax cuts, judicial appointments, hardline immigration policies and economic and trade policies, historians said.

Trump backers may also point to his administration’s peace talks in the Middle East, its tough stand on China, and the withdrawal of US troops from overseas, such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Trump has removed the US from many international organizations and dropped multilateral treaties, including the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Agreement and the World Health Organization. He insulted America’s closest allies, while he praised the dictators.

Trump does not supersede a “Trump doctrine” and “has not left a structure that can be pointed out later because it is Trump’s contribution to America,” Naftali, who argued that Trump’s “America First” Will not done. Survived his administration.

As the White House declares the Trump doctrine that “terrorists lose and peace prevails,” historians argue that Trump’s foreign policy outlook has damaged America’s global stance.

While some of the historians CNN interviewed said President-elect Joe Biden may be able to repair some of the damage, others such as Cherwinski believe the US in “restoring trust and confidence” among its allies Will take “years and decades”.

“The loss of trust will probably be the most important legacy for the United States, both domestically and internationally, for our institutions and our elections, because this kind of thing takes many decades to regain,” Cherwinski said. “Our international standing has really suffered.”

Trump’s GOP

US President Donald Trump raises his fist at the end of a rally to support Republican Senate candidates at Valdosta Regional Airport in Valdosta, Georgia.

An important part of Trump’s legacy, Zelezer said, is the one he revealed about where the Republican Party was in 2020 and his performance and rise to some of the GOP’s most controversial and sometimes destructive elements.

Zelezer and others told CNN that as historians weigh Trump’s legacy, they will return to the question of how Trump maintained solid support within the Republican Party and his base despite his behavior and actions.

“Every time he pushed the envelope to what was considered normal behavior, not only that – he didn’t pay very often politically for that price, and in fact it seemed to simply affect his supporters more deeply To do, “Belmont told CNN. “And this is something that I think historians are going to take years to get over. What was the reason that this is an incredibly powerful loyalty to this president, regardless of what he does?”

Historians also believe that Trump’s legacy will be determined by the direction the Republican Party moves out of the political stage and how the GOP reorganizes itself.

Elections are one way that presidential prestige is defined, Naftali said, and midterm elections in 2022 and presidential candidates in the 2024 election may all be indicators of Trump’s legacy.

To what extent Trump will matter and remain a political influencer, Naftali told CNN, also depends on “how many young aspiring politicians in this country see their brand leadership as a way to gain power” And that’s a legacy you can do. T describe yet. “

Already, the potential field of Republican presidential candidates for the 2024 GOP primary is beginning to shape, with Trump having few expectations to gain a voter base.

“Republicans are going to help define Trump’s legacy and I can’t predict how it will go,” Neftley said, adding that it depends on the “political success of people carrying the Trump banner.”


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