Hillary Duff says that Lizzie McGuire reboot is officially dead

Lizzie McGuire According to an Instagram post by Hillary Duff, the Disney Plus series is officially dead. The series was reportedly going to play the role of an adult Duff, who reprized his role as Lizzie in the 30s, made her career in New York, working with more “adult” themes.

“It’s an honor for Lizzie in my life,” Duff wrote. “I know that work efforts and conversations have taken place everywhere, but sadly and despite everyone’s best efforts [the reboot] Is not going to happen “

new Lizzie McGuire The original listener of the series, Terry Minsky, was fired by Disney in the creative direction in “The Difference” in just two episodes, Variety Report. After the removal of Minsky, work on the show was completely halted in January 2020, with its future unknown.

Disney has taken steps in the past to maintain a family-friendly image of Disney Plus, even censoring the naked butt in the film Splash. The company has placed films and shown that it considers Hulu an “adult”. For example, it went Love, victor Service from Disney Plus for featuring alcohol use and sexual exploration. Duff publicly asked Disney to consider moving their show forward, but there was never any change, and the Duff announcement was sealed Lizzie McGuireluck.

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