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High utility bills? Your thermostat could be on the wrong wall


Do not let the bad location cost you.

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You may be spending more on heating and cooling than you need. Why? If your thermostat is in the wrong place, you can increase the costs of your public service.

Proper positioning of the thermostat can make heating and cooling more efficient from the energy standpoint and at the same time keep it comfortable. Here is where to put it and why.

Where not to place the thermostat

The most important thing about the placement of the thermostat is to avoid the areas that can have extreme temperatures, which makes the thermostat think that the room is much colder or warmer than It really is For example, do not install your thermostat near doors that can let in drafts, windows that can throw sunbeams on the thermostat or near the bathroom door that could let the hot steam settle around the thermostat. In addition, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of EE. UU It is not advisable to place lamps or televisions near your thermostat since they dissipate the heat that could confuse the sensors of the device.

The exterior walls are also not suitable because they are often colder than other walls in the home. The thermostat will think that this unusually cold or hot area represents the rest of the home and will start to cool or warm up when it is not really necessary.

Some thermostats are placed in rooms or halls that are rarely used. It is also not a great idea, since the thermostat will not read the temperature of the area that you really want to heat or cool. This can leave you sitting in a room that is uncomfortably hot or cold.

The best thermostat location

Place your thermostat in a room that is one of the most used, on the interior wall, to get the best results. If you have a smart thermostat, make sure it is not obstructed by doors, shelves or decorations so that your sensors work properly. Also, make sure your smart thermostat is within range of your Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to your account.

For the greatest energy savings and comfort, several thermostats connected through the house are ideal. If you are not comfortable with the wiring, wireless thermostats are a great option.

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