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High-risk, high-award grant news center to four Stanford researchers

Four Stanford researchers have received high-risk, high-award research grants from the National Institutes of Health.

The researchers will receive grants totaling $ 10 million for their investigations. The awards support risky efforts that could potentially have a major impact in biomedical and behavioral sciences.

Dean of the School of Medicine, Lloyd Minor, said “NIH’s continuing campaign to continue creative research will lead to completely new concepts and new approaches to understanding disease and well-being.” “Our visionary and talented Stanford Medicine scientists will gain profound benefits in the form of reducing side effects, preventive measures, and side effects through continuous systematic interventions to society, furthering our precise health vision.”

This year, NIH released 85 awards totaling $ 251 million.

NIH Director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, said, “The 2020 cohort of early career and the breadth of impact put forward by experienced investigators is impressive and inspiring.” “I believe his work will promote biomedical and behavioral research and improve human health.”

Two Stanford scientists received Pioneer Awards, and two received New Innovator Awards.

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer awards up to $ 3.5 million over five years to investigators at all career levels to pursue new research directions and develop high-impact approaches in the broad field of biomedical or behavioral sciences.


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