Hidden features of iOS 12: New application gesture Close on iPhone X, Renewed iPad gestures, Screen time widget and more

Apple introduced iOS 12 today with a host of updates, ranging from upgrades to Do Not Disturb to a brand new activity monitoring system that tracks how much time is spent on your iPhone or iPad.

There are also new "Memoji", also known as personalized Animojis, there is support for Group FaceTime, and there were many other changes covered in the main event. But in addition to all these new features, there are dozens of small adjustments that Apple did not cover in its iOS 12 ad.

Next, we have rounded up a list of new, lesser known or "hidden" features in the new iOS 12 operating system update.

iPhone X App Switcher – It is no longer necessary to keep the applications pressed to close them. Swipe up like in the iPhone 8 and earlier it works.

Multiple Faces in Face ID – In the Face ID Settings, there is an option to "Set an alternative appearance" that seems to be aimed at people who may need to drastically change their appearance in the regular or those who want to unlock Face ID with two faces.

Screen Time Widget – In the Widgets section, which can be accessed by sliding to the right on the home screen, there is a new Time Screen widget in which you can see how long You've spent on your iOS device lately, and what you've been doing. You can also view your full screen time usage metrics in the Settings application.

Automatic Updates : iOS 12 presents an option to activate automatic software updates in General -> Software Update. This will update your iOS version automatically when there is an update available.

Shortcuts to messages : If you tap a person's name in the Messages application, there are now shortcuts to start a FaceTime audio call, start a standard FaceTime video call, or get contact information . This is also the way in which FaceTime group calls are initiated from the Messages application.

Grouping of notifications : in the Notifications section of the Configuration application, there are options to customize the Grouping of notifications for all your applications. The Notification Grouping configuration includes Automatic, Application and Shutdown. Notification settings have also been redesigned a little, and there is a toggle to set notifications to be displayed only in the Notification Center but not on the lock screen.

New iPad gestures – Apple adjusted the gestures of the iPad to better match the iPhone X. Now slide down from the upper right corner of the iPad to open the Control Center, instead to slide up from the bottom. Swipe up from the dock goes to the Home screen.

iPad menu bar – The menu bar on the top of the iPad has been redesigned, and it looks like Apple is making room for a notch to be included in the upcoming iPad Pro models which will include Face ID. The time, date and date are on the top left of the screen, while the right shows the Wi-Fi or LTE connection, Bluetooth and battery life.

Pbadwords – There is a new Pbadword Manager API that can display pbadwords from 1Pbadword and similar applications in the QuickType tip bar when you enter login information. iOS 12 also adds suggestions for iOS pbadwords to third-party applications, such as Keychain in Safari. Apple will also keep a record of the pbadwords that have been reused and ask you to create new ones.

One-time pbadword autocomplete – Apple says that one-time SMS pbadwords will automatically appear as AutoComplete options, so you do not need to bother leaving an application, opening the Messages app , copying it and then entering it in the application that needs the code. In the Settings application, Safari AutoComplete has been replaced by the Autocomplete more general pbadword, and there is a new configuration Autocomplete pbadwords in Pbadwords and accounts.

Smarter Sirius – Siri can answer questions about famous people, food and motor sports. Siri can also search pbadwords and search for memories in Photos.

Scan the QR code in the Control Center – There is a new shortcut from the Control Center to scan a QR code.

Wallpaper – There is a new iOS 12 wallpaper available.

Siri Suggestions – Siri is smarter in iOS 12, and there is a new configuration to allow Siri's suggestions to appear on the lock screen. You can also enable shortcuts in the Settings menu, although shortcuts are not yet available and will be sent through a set of applications for publication at a later date. Siri suggestions on the lock screen can be enabled per application.

Lock screen options – There are new options to disable access to the wallet and USB accessories when an iPhone is locked with a pbadword. With USB accessories disabled, you must unlock your iPhone to allow USB accessories to connect when more than an hour has pbaded since your iPhone was locked. This configuration will make it more difficult for law enforcement to access devices blocked with USB tools such as the GrayKey box.

Voice Notes : Now that voice memos are also on iPad and Mac and have iCloud support, there are settings for voice memos in the Settings application. You can choose when to remove Voice Memos, choose audio compression quality, and set a default recording name.

Markup Colors – There are many more colors available when using markup to edit screenshots, mark images, edit PDF files, and more.

Safari Icons – There is an option in the Settings application to enable Favicons for the Safari tabs, a new feature in iOS 12. There are also several new experimental features of WebKit that Apple is testing .

Apple Books – With the new update of the Books application, there are several new settings for Books in the Settings application. You can activate the sync options for the "Read Now" feature to track where you are in a book on all devices, and you can choose the specific devices on which you want to update your location.

Podcasts – You can set custom durations for the Forward and Backward options in Podcasts. The two options are separated, and durations of 10 to 60 seconds are available.

Battery information – In the configuration application, the battery usage graph shows usage during the last 24 hours or the last 10 days instead of the last 7 days.

Have you found other features in iOS 12 that we have not mentioned here? Be sure to inform us in the comments, and stay tuned for more coverage on new features in iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5.


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