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If nothing else, this should turn out to be a fascinating theater.

On Saturday night the news was published that, after some days of speculation, Herm Edwards was going to be named as the new soccer coach in the state of Arizona. On Sunday night, that dazzling development officially materialized when Sun Devils "revealed the plans for a restructured football model of ASU" by naming Edwards as the 24th coach of the program.

According to the school, hiring is pending approval of the Arizona Board of Regents.

"The pbadion for my faith, my family and my occupation as a soccer coach are the things that have given me back to the turf," Edwards said in a statement. "My personal commitment to train young men to be whole people through football is completely in line with the vision that President Michael Crow and the Vice President of University Athletics Ray Anderson have for this program, I am ready for the challenge of working with them to raise Sun Devil Football, I am very excited and honored to be the head football coach of the State of Arizona. "

The last 63-year-old Edwards coach at any level came as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL in 2008; his last (and only) university job was as defensive backs coach at San Jose State since 1987-89. Since 2009, he has been an NFL badyst for ESPN .

By perspective, the last time Edwards was a college-level coach, Urban Meyer was the coach of quarterbacks / wide receivers at Illinois State and Nick Saban was the coach defensive of the Houston Oilers; Lincoln Riley one of four coaches in the postseason of 2017, was a first-grade student; Bo Schembechler was in his last season as head coach at Michigan; and there were a total of 18 bowl games (now there are 174).

The school noted at its launch that Edwards "has recently served as coach for the past eight years in the Under Armor All-American game, featuring the best high school soccer recruits in the country," so he's that, which is good.

The current athletic director of ASU, Ray Anderson was Edwards' agent during a coaching career that apparently ended almost a decade ago.

"During my years with and around the NFL, there is not a more respected man who has a pbadion for football like Herm Edwards," Anderson said. "I have no doubt that his ability to lead, inspire and develop young men will translate into his staff and recruitment, and I am confident that he is the visionary and leader we need to command this new ASU football model."

As for that new soccer model? From the school's launch:

The department's new Leadership Model will be similar to an NFL approach using a general manager structure. It is a collaborative approach to the management of ASU's soccer program that includes sports and administrative divisions, which will operate as separate but collective units focused on raising all aspects of Sun Devil football. This structure will allow the department to form a multi-layered approach to the evaluation of talent and recruitment processes, increase its emphasis on the development and retention of students and coaches, and provide a boost in the allocation and generation of resources. [19659002] "Our goal for this soccer program is to reach unprecedented levels and, therefore, we must find a way to operate in a more innovative and efficient way than in the past," said Anderson. "In the spirit of innovation, our vision for this program is to have a coach who serves as CEO and is the central leader with a collaborative team around him that elevates the performance of players and coaches in the field, in the clbadroom and in our community Equally important, the coach will be a dynamic and tireless recruiter.

OK then.

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