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Here’s why Jet Set Radio Future is not in compatibility with Xbox One Backward

  Jet Set "title =" Jet Set "height =" 374 "width =" 665 "data-item =" 1101899 "/></figure><p> Last week, Microsoft surprised several Xbox One owners by announcing a <b> list of original Xbox titles that would be compatible with the system, </b> with many arriving on Tuesday, including some elite favorites, including <i> SSX 3, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Conker: Live & Reloaded </i> and <i> Jade Empire </i> along with a bunch of <i> Star Wars titles </i> that will arrive next week.</p><p> But a game that fans did not see on the list, but they wanted it desperately was <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i> This futuristic skating / graffiti game has become the legend of the original Xbox, and fans expected to skate through Neo Tokyo on the new Microsoft machine Fortunately, that is not the case.</p><script async src=

Why? Is there anything to prevent this classic Xbox draw attention to new cons? Surprisingly, there is.

Slide 1/4 – Other titles to explore
  Jet Set 2 "title =" Jet Set 2 "height =" 499 "width =" 665 "data-item =" 1101900 "/></figure><p> Before Nothing, Sega could be looking to explore his original Xbox library and bring a number of titles before he jumps with both feet with <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i> .For example, the action / shooter <i> Gunvalkyrie </i> It is considered by many to be an old-school classic, with beautiful images and sound, along with an extremely explosive blast game, and let's not forget [SegaSoccerSlam</i> either.) The game originally became retro-compatible on Xbox 360 a while ago, and has become a cult favorite since then. Presenting it on Xbox One would not be the worst idea there is.</p><p> There are also other games to consider that would probably be popular based only on the franchise, such as the little appreciated <i> Shadow the Hedgehog </i> and <i> House of the Dead III </i>.</p><p> But when it comes to that, a bigger problem could get in the way of <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i> to Xbox One, and it's hard to miss.</p><script async src=

Slide 2/4 – The Epic Soundtrack – Maybe Too Epic
Slide 3/4: A history of two soundtracks
  Jet Set 4 "title =" Jet Set 4 "height =" 416 "width =" 665 "data-item =" 1101902 "/></figure><p> In the past, Sega managed to re-launch the game <i> Crazy Taxi </i> on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. can cross the city streets at full speed again, there was a notable change: the soundtrack.</p><script async src=

The original soundtrack presents features like Offspring, Bad Religion and more, but when you play these new versions, you may notice that the soundtrack is drastically different, with some new artists in place. he loved the game, but it really did not favor the new soundtrack compared to the previous one.

Now, Sega could find a way to solve that problem with a relaunch of Jet Set Radio Future but that means cooking a sound completely evo rack as a result, and taking into account the iconic soundtrack, it may not suit the fans. But a reissue would be better than nothing.

And to be fair, Sega made restore the original soundtrack Crazy Taxi in future versions of the game, so nothing is impossible. It is possible that the company is simply pausing to try to get the full soundtrack JSRF intact before it jumps through the deepest part and connects the game to the new hardware.

Slide 4/4: even if it's about Jet Set the future of radio does not happen, could have future
  Jet Set 5 "title =" Jet Set 5 "height =" 365 "width =" 665 "data -item = "1101903" /></figure><p> <i> Jet Set Radio Future </i> would not reach the Xbox would be a hard pill to swallow, but not quite the end of the world.Yes, it's a fantastic game and yes, We would love to play it again, but Sega has an uphill battle in trying to get him to be ported, and seeing that he changed in a different way may not be what the fans want.</p><script async src=

Now, here's why we say "really not It is the end of the world. "There is some evidence indicating that a new Jet Set Radio could arise. Sega has not officially authorized anything, but it is safe to say that the interest is high in his return, considering that the company has been doing everything possible to revive as many classics as possible, Do not be surprised if Jet Set finally comes back, with a new and bold world that takes advantage of the Xbox One (or PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch) from scratch, and a soundtrack to match.

Although Jet Set Radio Future may not be happening (at least, for the time being)), at least we know that Sega is reflecting on a current future for Jet Set Radio .

Oh, and do not forget it. Meanwhile, we have Panzer Dragoon Orta on the way on Tuesday. If that's not worth celebrating, I do not know what it is.


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