Here’s why Bill Gates uses Android on iPhone

Bill Gates has stated that he prefers Android to iPhone due to its pre-installed Microsoft software and flexibility.

Gates was speaking to Andrew Sorkin during a Clubhouse interview earlier this week, as reported by iMore:

In an interview with CNBC and NY Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, Gates spoke on various topics, including Bitcoin, the pandemic, and the old question, Android or iPhone. Of course, people realized that Gates had an iPhone due to the fact that he was on the Clubhouse, an iOS-only platform.

From a YouTube recording, the interview begins with Sorkin describing how the immediate reaction to the news of Gates’ appearance at the Clubhouse was “Does Bill Gates have an iPhone?”

In response, Gates said, “I actually use an Android phone,” but he played with iPhones because he liked to keep track of everything.

When asked if that was “a religious thing,” Gates confirmed that he prefers Android because some vendors pre-install Microsoft’s software on phones. He also said that he prefers Android to be more flexible in the way the software connects with the operating system, so he was more used to using Android. However, he claimed that he had many friends who used iPhones and that there was “no purity” there.

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Gates also commented on the rise of Bitcoin, warning of its environmental impact and stating that he had chosen not to invest money in it. He also talked about the pandemic and even about the Netflix show he was watching excessively. Lupine, if you’re interested.

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