Here’s the 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class before you’re supposed to see it


Picture: Mercedes-Benz (leaked through social media)

Multiple images of what appears to be next 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and one of its AMG-tuned trims was leaked online ahead of the car’s official debut. Photos reveal styling tweaks reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz CLS and a massive tablet screen instead of dials in front of the driver.

The Australian website What car, as well as Auto Express and many other media, show leaked images of the C-Class. The changes are minimal compared to the current car, at least on the outside.

Images of the white model on a red background appear to be from a luxury-oriented non-performance trim. The new design simulates the signatures of the Mercedes CLS and CLA sedans, which have also recently moved to the E-Class and S-Class sedans.

More images of a different model, probably the AMG-Line version of the sedan, were also allegedly leaked (obtained via What car). Some of the images were also shared by the Twitter user. OtsileJK. Those reveal AMG’s now familiar gray car formula, with slightly wider aerodynamic vents and a sportier styling treatment on the bumpers, though not much else. It’s definitely just a modified upgrade from the current generation C-Class.

The most important changes come within. The first thing I notice is the huge iPad-like tablet wedged between the top of the dash and the steering wheel. This display replaces the previous group of digital displays that, let’s say, were better integrated into a harmonious interior design. This new screen looks like I should be able to take it with me when I get out of the car.

Interior images also show apparent head-up display technology and a striped finish treatment on the dash that surrounds a giant digital display in the center.

The sharp-angle taillights, high, arched shoulder line, and new fascia seem to make the C-Class stand out even less in the lineup than the current car, ironically. I guess the Mercedes design approach is just the same taste in different sizes now. We should see more of the car for its planned reveal date of February 24.

To update: Some images were removed from this article, although they can be found in the linked sources provided in the text.


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