Here’s how QAnon reacted to the ‘South Park’ special that made fun of them –

Here’s how QAnon reacted to the ‘South Park’ special that made fun of them

QAnon supporters had no problem being teased in Wednesday’s “South Park” one-hour special; in fact, they are praising the cartoon for helping to spread their beliefs.

“Welcome to the wake of the operation,” QAnon Telegram channel GhostEzra told its 234,000 subscribers when “South ParQ: Vaccination Special” began.

“Yes, cartoons will get your attention,” agreed one subscriber. “Mt, we have [been] waiting msm [main stream media] and they do it in a cartoon !!!! “added another.

The show mocked QAnon’s claims that the government is secretly run by a satanic cabal of blood-drinking pedophiles, and mocked the talk of the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine group.

Some at QAnon think the vaccine is a deep state conspiracy to enslave humanity, and the hour-long cartoon showed little protagonist Cartman and a gang fighting to fight off the growing hordes of anti-vax conspiracy theorists in town. .

A screenshot from the South Park episode taunting QAnon
A screenshot from the “South Park” episode taunting QAnon
Comedy Central

But the show’s mockery was lost on many QAnon-ers.

“I pray to God this works for some people,” said a GhostEzra subscriber.

“It’s kind of sad that it takes a cartoon to wake people up,” added another.

“Yeah my mom got the vax after I begged her not to,” agreed another. And then my aunt followed. I mean it breaks my heart. ”

A protester holds a "Q" Sign outside the United States Capitol in Washington, DC
A protester holds a “Q” sign in front of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

“That was to show its audience for those who don’t know to look it up and read it immediately now,” said another in the chat, and concluded that the show would pique viewers’ curiosity.

Others in the chat, however, criticized the “mockumentary,” saying that the depiction of “South Park” was inaccurate, because they are not all teenagers as depicted on the show.

“Anyone who is anyone knows that Q stands for military drops that have to do with ending the Luciferian Globalist Cabal and the quantum financial system,” one complained. “Q is not just any teenager sitting in his room.”


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