Here’s how Far COVID traveled after a superspreader event

The number of coronaviruses around the US may continue to decline, but some areas are still seeing an increase in cases. And while experts say that many may be associated with smaller ceremonies, other larger events are still found to be responsible for some spikes. This includes the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, now considered a “superspreader” event (SSE), caused by more than 250 COVID cases spanning at least 12 states.

Against the advice of Health Department officials, in South Dakota from August 16, the annual event, which was held on August 16, estimated that 460,000 vehicles were involved this year. The rally features specific activities and venues — a concert for the 90s including Smash Mouth, which largely includes mask-less attendees, and a crowded salon as important coronavirus exposure events by health officials Is quoted.

Anonymous data collected from cell phones after the incident found that visitors to the rally returned home when 61 percent of all counters from US local health officials were working, testing and proper contact tracing ever since. Were working to coordinate the accessibility of the Superspreader event.

“We are hoping that we are going to look into many more cases involving Sturgis,” Krrish Ehrmann, Director of the infectious diseases division of the Minnesota Department of Health, said during a press call on August 21. “Thousands of people joined that program, and so it is very likely that we will see more broadcasts.”

Unfortunately, this prediction is already true. Since the conclusion of the rally, matters related to the gathering have spread from east to west, with some related transitions as far away as New England and the Northeast. Here are 12 states that can trace COVID cases back to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. And for states struggling with coronovirus, these 4 states should be shut down immediately, Harvard researchers said.