“Here we go”: Disney drops one last teaser for Mandalorian S2

Pedro pascal star in titular character MandalorianReturning to Disney + for a second season on October 30.

We are just over a week away from the season 2 debut Mandalorian, Emmy-nominated, first live-action Star wars TV series. And Disney + has decided to whey our Appetite with one final “special look” teaser for the series.

Produced by John Faveru and starring Pedro Pascal as Mandorlorian, The Din Jarine, the series takes place a few years after Empire’s fall and before the emergence of the First Order. The basic premise is that after the defeat of the empire Return of the JediThere was an era of anarchy and chaos as a new government struggled to emerge from the rubble. Pascal’s bounty hunter is “a lone gunman in the outer edge of the galaxy, far from the right of the New Republic.”

The first season garnered 15 Emmy nominations for its eight-episode Freshman outing. And it easily landed in our top TV shows of 2019. “Favreau’s brainchild has proved to be a vehicle for the most killer Star trekLike a live-action story yet Star wars Product, “Ars Tech Culture Editor Sam Machowoch wrote at the time.” Even better, its whimsical-to-the-week and brand-new-planet progression has been combined with the Samurai story, as religious, anchored by Utkat, and opposed to Mando himself. ”

Gina Carano, Carl Weyers, and Giancarlo Esposito are returning for a second season as Kera Dunne, Greif Karaga, and Moff Gideon, respectively, escaping being shot by Karga and Mandalorian in the latter season finale. The new S2 cast includes Ahosa Tano as Rosario Dawson, former Jedi demote of Anakin Skywalker, now a spymaster for the Rebel Alliance; Bo-Katan Creese as Kate Sackhoff (reprising her voice role) Clone wars And The rebels Animated series), leading a Mandorian group known as the Knight Owl; Timothy Oleyo as Cobb Wenth, a former slave who now occupies the armor of fan favorite / bounty hunter Boba Fate; And Temura Morrison as Boora Fate (apparently revived from the dead, as the character died Return of the Jedi-He has done?). Wrestler Sasha Banks has been cast in an as yet undeclared role.

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