Here is the new show you should see now

How excited should I be? I could not get through an episode of Season 2 of "True Detective" without laughing, and finally I stopped watching the show completely. From what I've seen in this third season, I think the program is back on track. Ali offers great performances for three different ages of his character's life: as a young man doing an investigation, as a more bitter detective who reexamines the case and as an old man who remembers the past. I already found myself stuck in the central mystery of this season and I think I will stay in this until the end.

Any reason to be skeptical? Although it can show that it has a greater purpose, this season shares many similarities with the first season and, therefore, feels a bit like a retread. Both have southern configurations, a creepy badbadin who uses religious images, multiple timelines and "real" detectives. This could be because the program will be actively linked to the history of the first season, but it seems more likely that the program is only recycling ideas. I also feel that I already have a clear idea of ​​who will be the secret murderer, but that will only be a problem if I am right. Maybe it's just random someone like in the first season, a result that would also be disappointing.

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